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Metaphysics of Wealth

kalla innal insana layasghaa ar raa hu ustagna ^
inna ila rabbika rujwaa

But no! Man transgresses because he sees himself self-sufficient.
Indeed, to your Lord is the ultimate return.

~ The Qur'an 96:6-7

Man is such an unique creation in the entire universe. Man is the sirr or secret of God and God is the secret of Man. HuMan carries the secret of Hu, the Divine Essence.

Man is khalifa or the sole representative of God on earth. No one shares the unique status, honor and potential of Man in the cosmos. Everything that is created on earth and around is created for Man and Man is created for God.

And among few things that blind man and make him transgress is his preoccupation about amassing wealth and the delusion by that very wealth which makes him think of himself as free of need. That is what is mentioned among the very first revelations of the Qur'an. kalla innal insana layasghaa ar raa hu ustagna - Man transgresses because he sees himself free of need.

Man in truth is ever dependent on God. It is God alone Who is free of need, whereas man is ever sustained by the Grace of Lord God. This is the reality. But this reality is distorted and man thinks otherwise through the illusion of wealth.

In the earliest revelations it is said that man is taught knowledge through the means of pen,

allazi 'allama bil kalam
'allamal insana malam ya'lam

God teaches man by pen,
teachers man that which he knew not.

This is the way of God that He uses medium. He causes rain but uses the weather and cloud as medium. He gives us existence but our father and mother are the means. The task of man is not to get caught with the medium alone, but to see beyond the means and medium. The means and medium can become his veil that prevent him seeing the higher realities.

The very means through which man is sustained are his wealth, and when man gives himself to the illusion of wealth whereas he thinks he is made free of need and start to hoard wealth and withhold wealth, then metaphysically speaking, man transgress, the flow of grace gets blocked and his inner reality start to corrupt.

We may employ the parable of breath.

Air is a free gift and our breathing process is mostly on auto pilot. We breath even when we are sleep and not fully conscious.

But imagine for a moment that instead of freely exhaling after taking inhaling, if we withhold our breath - the function of breath which is purification is reversed. The very in-breath and out-breath when flows freely keep the respiratory system sound and the entire body sound. But if someone thinks otherwise and try to keep the air within thinking that its precious and not letting it go, then what happens? The by-product such as carbon dioxide and other harmful gas will cause harm within the bodily system. Instead of purification, it will corrupt the internal system.

As for breath, we must give it away freely as we received it in the first place. Then the vitality of the body is preserved. The same parable applies for the metaphysics of wealth.Wealth and sustenance is given freely to man, but in his clouded mind he thinks otherwise.

Whenever man thinks himself self-sufficient and withhold or hoard wealth, that starts his transgression. It corrupts the metaphysical reality as well. So he faces calamity, he finds himself in situation where his health, peace and other normality is destroyed and all his money goes away in a matter of weeks or days which he has hoarded using so many years of his life and so much of effort.

So what is the remedy? The remedy is to embrace man's true reality which is neediness in front of God and to acknowledge the Lord God as the Sole Sustainer. He must practice thanksgiving by saying All praise and thanksgiving is due to the Sustainer and Cherisher Lord of the universe; Alhamdulillahi Rabbil alameen. 

Which in another word means, O God whatever you gave to me is Your Gift, You are the Giver of all in my life, I have nothing, I can claim nothing, and Your is the Kingdom and You have everything. What am I, but dust going back to dust and You, You alone is my Lord, my Creator, my Sustainer, my Beloved, my Enricher, my Redeemer, my Existence Bestower, my Fashioner, my Forgiver, my All. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil alameen.

 Man must learn to give away freely what he received from the Most Generous and Bounteous. That is the secret of zakat, which comes from the meaning purification and the purpose is to purify us (just as the outbreath is meant to purify us), wealth due to poor and needy. Man must not hoard wealth when his fellow human beings are hungry, naked and in greater need.

Our entire civilization is suffering because of forgetting these metaphysical realities. The consumer society teaches man the reverse of true reality and man is encouraged to hoard and consume more and amass wealth mindlessly. Nations after nations are destroyed and millions are killed and made refugees, displaced and denied their human dignity to capture and plunder resources and wealth of other nations. These all are nothing but the collective greed and transgression on part of man where he forgot his own reality and lives a life of delusion that wealth will make him invincible.

How else can you explain why America, the wealthiest nation on earth would attack Afghanistan, one of the poorest on earth, or NATO's (a coalition having the most wealthy nations on earth) attack on Libya and turning from the most prosperous country in Africa to a dysfunctional state or American occupation of Iraq and now destruction of Syria and Yemen with the help of their puppet dogs like Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Is not greed and stealing from others is the motivation here?

Wars, occupation, regime change, false flag operation, destruction of peace, civil war, terrorism and counter terrorism are just by product of man's transgression which is desire of wealth and hoarding of wealth which has the side effect of deluding man to think himself free of need, thinking himself invincible and turning away from God where end of the day he must return. That is the ultimate return.

kalla innal insana layasghaa ar raa hu ustagna ^
inna ila rabbika rujwaa

But no! Man transgresses because he sees himself self-sufficient.
Indeed, to your Lord is the ultimate return.

~ The Qur'an 96:6-7

Man must not greed after amassing wealth, for that's not what he is created for; if he does, the metaphysical laws will destroy him from within and without. His purpose is to be godly and to live for God and to be generous as his Lord God is Generous.

Finally the metaphysical reality is confirmed furthermore and the fabric of this reality and the law of metaphysics about ease and suffering is concisely put in the following communications from the Final Testament (here We and Us refers to the Divine Reality speaking in Royal Pronoun):

Faamma man aAAta wattaqa
Wasaddaqa bilhusna
Fasanuyassiruhu lilyusra

Waamma man bakhila wastaghna
Wakaththaba bilhusna
Fasanuyassiruhu lilAAusra

Wama yughnee AAanhu maluhu ithataradda
Inna AAalayna lalhuda
Wa-inna lana lal-akhirata wal-oola

As for he who gives and is God conscious
And have faith in what is good and beautiful,
We will ease him towards ease.

But as for he who withholds and considers himself free of need,
and rejects what is good and beautiful,
We will ease him toward difficulty.

And what will his wealth avail him when he falls?
Indeed, upon Us is guidance,
and Indeed to Us belongs the hereafter and the earlier life.

~ The Qur'an 92:5-13

^ The word istagna comes the root Ghayn Nun Ya, which also create words meaning rich, wealthy, selfsufficient, free of need


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Technology of the Heart: Metaphysics of Wealth
Metaphysics of Wealth
Man transgress his boundary when he thinks himself free of need. His inner reality is corrupted when he do so.
Technology of the Heart
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