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Meditation on the Heart of the Quran: Surah Ya Siiin

The Prophet (SalAllahu alayhi wasalam) said, ‘Surely everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur’an is Ya Siiin. I would love that it be in the heart of every person of my people.’

He also said, ‘Ya Siiin is the heart of the Qur’an, no man reads it desiring Allah Blessed and Exalted, and the abode of the hereafter, except he/she is forgiven.’

I have come across the exegesis of Sadar Uddin Ahmed Chishti (ra) titled, Koran Darshan where he has shed some lights on the more inner dimensions of the Surah Ya Siiin. In this post and possibly in followup posts I intend to share some of them as a meditation on this powerful Surah of the Quran.

For those who have not read Surah Ya Siiin, you may Read here online. If you may please read the meaning of this sublime Surah 3 times so that we may granted an overall understanding on the most basic, literal level and more in-sha-Allah. Read in standard English translation of Surah Ya Siiin (or you may choose translation version of your language, available in the above mentioned website).

The verses of the Quran in English translation are in CAPITAL LETTER followed by their meditation/ spiritual and Sufic exegesis.


YA SIIIN (36:1)

Oh Sirajum Munira (Light Giving Lamp) ~ this is an intimate addressing of the beloved Muhammad by the Divine Voice.

Ya Siiin is the honored title by which the Divine Being is now addressing his locus of mercy and love who is present in the heart of the world as a light giving lamp. He has arrived here already illuminated, not as someone who has attained through spiritual discipline or shadhana. He was not a person who received his light from any other human being. He was the being in whom illumination was made manifest and he remains forever the goal and focus of all divinely guided seekers and by extension entire humanity. He remains as the habib, the beloved.


The manifestation of the mysteries of God and their divine science in creation is called Kitab or Book. Book contains Signs of God. After addressing His beloved and the focus of humanity, the revealing Quran (Reading) is called as a witness, a witness about the gnosis of who the incomparable Ya Siiin is.


Here the gnosis of the Messenger is revealed who is the symbol of love, the great beloved expressed in human form. The Quran is a proof and the reveler of the divine sciences. Muhammad, who is addressed in the beginning, is introduced as a Divine Messenger who is upon Siratim Mustaqim, this is the Path of Unity. Like there are many Messengers of Unity who came to unite and proclaimed the message of Oneness, there are many Paths (Subulana, many paths to One, see 29:69) yet they all unite with Muhammad, upon him be divine peace and benedictions, for he is the Seal and the Confirmer. Upon whatever station be he, under his holy feet is Siratim Mustaqim, the Unwavering Path of Truth. Siratim Mustaqim is the Unwavering Path of Tawhid, Path of Uncompromising Divine Oneness. Such is the ideal of Muhammadan Path.


The philosophy and ideals of the Quran are not based on material and impermanent world, but related with the qualities / attributes of ar-Rahim and revolves around the reality of the permanent Kingdom of the hereafter. The wisdom of the Revelation is such that it has magnetic attraction for those who are attracted to truth, beauty and justice, it has sweetness for those who long for sweet fragrance of paradise, it has higher and higher levels of intelligence for the intelligent ones, it has gradual wisdom for those who are growing wise gradually. Very lofty mysteries are veiled among the most simplest of statements and that itself is mercy from the Most Merciful so that it may nourish all according to their need and thirst. Enlightenment of the mind and heart must come gradually, else it may shatter the mind and Quran is actively compassionate to human condition towards that goal. The Revelation of the Quran is powerful and mighty from the Almighty, and at the same time it is merciful from the same Source Who is the Sole Source of Compassion, both of which are reminded in the above mentioned Sign (ayat).

(to be continued)

3 July 2013

* Listen to Surah Ya Siiin recited by Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani. Let it be an auditory meditation on the mystical words and sounds of the Quran revealed by the Most High.

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