Monday, June 24, 2013

Do NOT put your head on that pillow tonight

All those drives we take
Songs we sing
Seek Him Seek Him tonight

He will answer your prayer
He will enter your bloodstream
Take you down
Bring you up

Brew up a strong cup
Light your candles bright
Open the door to Him
Pick up your beads
And count

Count on it
The second holiest evening
Will you be here next year?

Can you ask?
Do you have the courage
To dance all night

Live in wudu tonight
Make your ghusl
Wear your white

The white of your eyes
Wants to give Him your secrets
And ask Him for more

Why do you wait?
Why do read this poem??
The night is short
As is this life
It will pass like an hour or a day

Go to Him
And wrap Him around you

The Comfort
The Answer
The Forgiver

I am talking to you.

~ Salam Elise Guillot

While the year's biggest and brightest moon, the supermoon is in the sky, this night, more importantly, is also a spiritually special night, a spiritually supercharged night. In Sacred Tradition of Islam, this is the night of deliverance, the night of emancipation. About the Significance of this night: Laylatul Barah / Nisful Shaban. May Allah bless and accept all our prayers in this holy night, all our longings and asking and shower us with His immense mercy. Indeed He is the Close-By, the Responsive and the Satisfying.

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