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Sun of God / Wisdom of Aethero


The sun lights all possible directions, but have you ever wondered what directions mean to the sun itself? Can you even tell if the light is traveling away from its core or towards it?

Does the light makes the sun the sun or the sun make the light the light?

Is that even important to the sun, who is who and who makes who, who gives who and who receives from who?

If I were a sun, I guarantee you, this would all mean nothing to me!

Because the sun is omnipresent in all directions!

It doesn't need to departs itself in order to find itself, it's simply self encirled!

Omnipresent? So what is PRESENT to begin with?

Present = Another meaning for existence that ironically could also mean a gift too.

If you were to choose between existing under conditions of joy and sorrow and not existing at all, what would you choose?

Most people I ask, they respond: EXISTING OF COURSE!

What could this possibly imply?

It can only imply one thing, existence in itself represents an absolute form of goodness that is beyond the relative good and evil of any state falling under existence.

Existence to those states is like awakening to a dream, but our problem is that we know not how to enjoy a dream without forgetting that it is a dream.

We take life too seriously and thus we allow the past and the future to steel away the true meaning of a present.

We know not how to be eyes enjoying the dream, we always need to be limbs suffering inside of it.

So, lets go back to the present or rather be in it !

What is a present?!! What is a gift?!!

A gift is something granted to you with no expectations in return! The only proper way to accept and receive a true gift, is to forget about its source and its price and simply enjoy it. Its actually the only way to say a proper 'thank you' as well.

So, can you bring yourself to enjoy the present even in the least times you think or believe you deserve to?!! Cause if you don't think you deserve it, then you are either living in a past that you regret or a future that you can't get, and no one says you have to but you!

Don't blame God for who you are, because if God changes you into someone else am sure you'll blame him for who he is! I swear not by the blameful soul, neither by the God of punishment and reward!

Most people believe if they laugh now, they are bound to cry soon after; that is cause they're not acquainted with the logic of a present - a gift. Their minds orbit around a give-in-order-to-receive paradigm, where they believe they're being given something which they will have to pay for soon after.

Well, let me tell you something about the code of giving itself.

True giving is as simple as being and seeing, its effortless.

Behold the Sun! Who can ever possibly give what the sun gives to this world?

Does the Sun make an effort to give light or does it simply shine for what it is and the rest comes automatically?.

Your willingness to receive is the only condition of accepting a gift, its the only condition of living and enjoying the present; yet most people simply do not know how to receive, they just don't know how to sit back and enjoy the present without worrying about its cost and its source and and and


Who is Christ and why is he who he is?

You obviously mistake him to be a role-player, an ultimate giver; and the first image that comes to mind when thinking Christ of course is the image of sacrifice, the image of someone paying a price on behalf of humanity...

Well, let me tell you something; Christ before being the Son of God, he is the Sun of God...

Christ is who he is (in the rank that God grants him) cause he is one who is most ready to receive in every moment without asking why, where, what, and when?

This readiness springs from his knowledge and trust of the overflowing nature of the Source he receives from. He is thus ready to give away all what he receives cause he doesn't see giving as loosing something to another, but rather he sees in giving an image of receiving; he doesn't acknowledge the logic of the gold coins (paying to receive).

The present comes to Christ, so why would he seek it in a future?

Why would one trade what he knows for what he doesn't, what he has for what he hasn't?

The world in every moment slips into his past, and he effortlessly saves it back into the present just as the Sun does, by being who he and shining with what he is right here right now.


Don't ever say 'i am this and that', but rather say 'i am not this and not that'.

Don't ever let the situation define you and the equation imprison you.

Remember, you're an eye witnessing above and beyond, before being a hand or a leg entangled down and below... Your true self cannot be arrived at by the cloud of judgments and definitions, it can only shine after all clouds clear the sky; Your true identity partakes from an alive entity called The Spirit, which is like the Sun omnipresent; it knows no future or past, left or right, above or below, progression or regression, but rather only 360 degree presence.

Believe it or not, your true identity is emanated to you momentarily, so don't allow any past impressions of who you are or future aspirations of who you want to be to prevent you from receiving it.

Always remember, in a dream, the dreamer can be anyone he wants to be anytime he want to be, provided that he never forgets hes in a dream.

When you think, you view the thought/image !

There's you (The Viewer), the thought/image (The Viewed) with a separating distance in between; and a light that permeates vision. can you see there's a trinity involved in the process.

In your mind you see a thought/image, but there's light upon that image! where does the light come from, how is the mind illuminated?

Your self is the light! The Sun/Son that breathes life to your view screen/mind's eye.

The Sun and Earth are a physical representation of how the mind operates, with the Sun representing the boundless infinite 'potentially everything' (the viewer) and the Earth, the finite (the viewed).

What better representation of the ineffable self that is only known in linear finite terms than a great bubbling ball of fire giving life to the Earth, an Earth that is defined and linear.

As above so below.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Don't be 'good' be 'real'!

Being 'real' starts with not fooling yourself into assuming 'roles' inside equations! 

When you 'give' you're playing a role.

This is called 'The Savior Complex'

If that's how you feel about 'giving' by all means don't give; you'll do the world a favor...

'To Give' is not a role!

And for 'goodness sake' try not to ever say to someone 'I did this for you!' 'I gave you this or that!'

We all do things indirectly for our own selves - if not for a clear intentional motive in mind at least to reinforce being who we are (the reality we choose to be embedded within).

The current paradigm (which inspires most religious and secular institutions) tend to equate G I V I N G with L O O S I N G something to another!

In reality, giving is a model originally inspired by the SUN! Does the sun loose light when it shines a universe around or does it simply shine for what it is: a sun?! It shines with identity!

The paradigm shift (the new world paved by the internet technology which is currently assembling people globally in accord to cognitive standards as opposed to institutional, cultural or geographic ones) will no longer equate giving to loosing, but rather to receiving, giving is becoming less material and more cognitive or aethereal; it's as simple as shining for who you are for better or for worse!

The moment you shine for who you are, you automatically receive your subject- identity-in-space-and-time (your truth-in-finality) in return! You don't give now in the hope of receiving tomorrow - you receive the moment you're giving!

Currency and its language is shifting too presenting new models of giving more cognitively integrated and less meaningless as currently numbers are in bank accounts. You will witness the finality of every expression and action you invest in right here right now !

~ Wisdom of Aethero


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Technology of the Heart: Sun of God / Wisdom of Aethero
Sun of God / Wisdom of Aethero
The Sun and Earth are a physical representation of how the mind operates, with the Sun representing the boundless infinite 'potentially everything' (the viewer) and the Earth, the finite (the viewed).
Technology of the Heart
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