Sunday, March 10, 2013

When Allah desires to befriend a servant of His

What follows is a Sufi Wisdom Meditation. If you can, please follow carefully the doors that lead one after another, perhaps Allah, the Lord of Majesty and Generosity, may open some of these doors to us; for He is the Ever Generous Giver Who Gives without measure to whomsoever He chooses and His Richness (Huwa al-Ghaniy, Huwa al-Mughniy) is such that freely giving to all of creation diminishes nothing from His Infinite Kingdom.

Abu Sa'id al-Kharraz said: "When Allah desires to befriend (yuwâli) a servant of His, He opens the door of dhikr, that is the door of remembrance and recollection for that servant.

After the latter (the servant) takes pleasure (istaladhdha) in remembrance and recollection, Allah opens the door of proximity (al-qurb) for him.

After that, He raises him to the meetings of intimacy (majâlis al-uns) and after that He makes him sit on a throne of Oneness (kursi min al-tawHîd).

Then He removes the veils (al-Hujub) from him and He makes him enter the abode of Singleness (dâr al-fardâniyya) and unveils Divine Majesty (al-jalâl) and Sublimity (al-'aZama) to him.

When the servant beholds Majesty and Sublimity, he remains without 'he' (baqiya bila hu). He becomes extinguished (fâni), immune (bâri') to the claims and pretensions of his phantom self or ego (da`âwa nafsihi), and protected for the sake of Allah (maHfûZan lillâh), all Glory and Majesty is His."

To summarize the various way-stations of the reality map of Allah's befriending His servant:

* Remembrance of God

* Tasting pleasure in Remembrance

* Opening the Door of Divine Proximity

* Raising to the Assembly of Intimacy

* Station of Throne of Oneness

* Removal of Veils between servant and His Lord

* Entering the Abode of Singleness

* Unveiling of Divine Majesty and Sublimity

* Subsisting without separation and annihilation of the phantom self

* Fana (annihilation) and Baqa (subsisting) takes the soul to the Indescribable Reality of Allah, by Allah, for the sake of Allah.

A Sufi Infographic on the reality map of Allah befriending His servant (click to view large, once image loads in next window, click on the image again to zoom further and scroll horizontally)

In the Beginning and at the End is Allah, He is Alpha, He is Omega, Huwa al-Awwal, Huwa al-Akhir. Free from, and above any associations or comparions, Peerless is Hu.

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