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What aspect of the Divine you want to focus today?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

[The Divine Lord is He] who made for you the earth a bed [spread out] and the sky a ceiling and sent down from the sky, rain and brought forth thereby fruits as provision for you. So do not attribute to God equals while you know [that there is nothing comparable to the Divine Reality].

~ The Quran 2:22

While many of humanity are believer in God the Most High, have faith in a Divine Creator, in a Divine Reality - this belief or faith tend to focus on one or another aspect of the Divine, either consciously or unconsciously. And in fact more unconsciously than otherwise, which again is a reflection of the unfolding of each being's personality and where they are at emotionally, mentally or spiritually at that moment.

Allah is Infinite Realities whereas ordinary human beings has a mind with limited capability within a limited time-frame. Thus the mind can not help but turn its attention to a certain aspect of the Infinite.

To illustrate the point that different person consciously or unconsciously turn towards certain aspect of God, lets illustrate the case of couple of persons.

There is a certain faithful believer who always firmly believe that whatever Allah does, He does it for good. So it happen that even what seemingly appear to be misfortune in his life, eventually and very soon turn out to be good, and real good. And in fact out of his firm faith, he attracts a lot of Grace in his life. Every where he goes, every place he visits or every person he meets, there is an abundance of good that comes. He is offered job even without looking, he is offered friendship by very pure hearted ones and his provisions are always taken care of - things like that.

Here this person's faith that "Whatever God does, He does it for good" is in reality turnings towards the Divine Quality - God is the Source of all Goodness. In Arabic, the 99 Revealed Names of the Divine names this quality as - al-Barr - the Source of all Goodness.

Indeed it is He Who is al-Barr, ar-Raheem (Quran 52:28)

When people would attribute goodness, holiness and purity to Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, he out of his immense politeness and humility before God would remind people that it is God the Most High Who is only truly good, and none share that absolute goodness, not even him as God's messenger.

“Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone.” (Mark 10:18, Luke  18:19)

Lets also understand this from example of another person who very purely and sincerely believe that God alone is the Provider, He alone arrange Provision for all creatures. When every single atom of the universe is created by the very Master of the Worlds and arranged in perfect order, when every single creature on earth is provided with its nourishment - it is absurd to fool one's self otherwise. This servant of God always loves to recite the following verses which speaks of the reality that through many temporal agencies and arrangements it is God Who is the Real Agency and Arranger of Providence.

There is no moving creature on earth
But its sustenance depends on Allah:
He Knows the time and place of its definite abode
and its temporary deposit: all is in a clear record.  ~ The Quran, verse 11:6

For Allah is He Who is the Real Sustainer, the Lord Of Power, the Ever-Pervading. ~ 51:58

And for those who are aware of Allah,
He (Ever) Prepares a Way Out, and He Provides
For him, her from (Sources) he, she never could imagine.
And if any one puts his, her trust in Allah, Sufficient is (Allah).
For Allah will surely accomplish His Purpose:
Verily for all things has Allah appointed a due measure.
~ 65:2-3

Thus this person who has firm faith and focus on the Divine Quality ar-Razzaq or the Reality that God is the Sole Provider, no matter what temporal agency or method or means appear to us as an excuse to provide us sustenance, it is God alone Who provides for us all our need - for this person, provision and sustenance is made very easy. He is not like other worldly people who are worried with his money and wealth all the time and in the process have become slave of the world. Rather he is truly free both in his mind and spirit and God out of His Grace provides Him from sources he never anticipate, nor imagine. He walks into doors and people offer him job, he visits a place for totally different purpose and someone approach him with a new business - and as this person firmly trust that all of these are from God - it only increase his gratitude towards and remembrance of the Real. This also increase his marefa or gnosis of God's Provision, Allah Name ar-Razzaq manifest in myriads way.

The materialists people who wish to eliminate God from every situation, from every equation employs many clever and nice sounding terms such as 'laws of attraction', 'power of attraction' etc. But understand O seeker of God that all things come from God and do not be deceived by the arch-deceiver  (ash-Shaytan, the Satan) who wish to remove the name of God from the lips of the children of Adam as well as from their hearts. Thus everywhere such tendencies are become pervasive, the minds are bombarded in the name of secularism, the deceit is everywhere, repeated again and again on millions of silvery (smoke) screens.

But amidst all of it those who remember God, strive to know Him, His reality are protected from such deceits. We say, "O Allah we ask refuge in Your protection, in Your guidance, in Your remembrance, in Your showing us the right path from all straying, from all delusion, from all negativity, from deception of the arch-deceiver and from the darkness of our self."

So as we gather from the above two examples about focusing on qualities of Allah, qualities of God, we may ask ourselves, what aspect of the Divine am I focusing myself? Or say it in another way, what quality of the Divine Reality we want to receive today, we want to imbue ourselves with today?

In our contemplations, when we think of God, when we contemplate about Allah, lets try to notice which aspect of the Divine our hearts feel more attracted towards, or through our behaviour or faith what aspect we unconsciously being attracted towards. It may help us knowing ourself better and our relationship with our Creator, the Blessed Lord. Since knowing God is the Highest obligation, knowing ourselves is a natural obligation coming out from the same, since he who knows himself, knows the Lord - said the truthful master of humanity, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Blessed is the Lord in Whose Hands is the Dominion of Heaven and Earth, in Whose Hands is the Dominion of Our Heart and Mind.

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Technology of the Heart: What aspect of the Divine you want to focus today?
What aspect of the Divine you want to focus today?
About focusing on qualities of Allah, qualities of God, we may ask ourselves, what aspect of the Divine am I focusing myself? Or say it in another way, what quality of the Divine Reality we want to receive today, we want to imbue ourselves with today?
Technology of the Heart
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