Thursday, January 31, 2013

On reviving our precious faith with the gnosis of love

Out of love be-came the existence. When rose the Hidden-Treasured Pure-Love-Consciousness, seeking the recognition of It, It said to the illusion-mirror 'Be' and so it be-came.

On that command from the single point of everything, the universe burst opened only to become the ever expanding womb and to embrace all that there is.

The cosmogenesis is love. The play of sustaining-the-creation is love.
The destruction is also to draw only the lovers near - al muqarrabun.
The resurrection is but an excuse for rendezvous of the Beloved and It's lover.
The eternity is for the lovers, ever-to-be, free.

Pure love demands that gaze of the lover fall only on the Sole Beloved who wishes neither any comparison, nor any association. Thus in the creed of love, no sin is greater than seeing other than the one. 'Let thine eyes be single!'

Hence cries rise from the pages of the sacred codex:

Qul Hu Allahu Ahad!
Come out of your delusion and affirm!

Qul! Affirm!
Affirm by saying:

Hu Allahu Ahad!
That Beloved is One without a second.

Allahu as-Samad.
The Eternal Beloved

Lam yalid, wa lam yulad.
Not fathering any, nor as Father
In this pure sacredness, forget about any gender.

Wa lam ya kun lahu kufuwan ahad.
Can there be any comparison for the Ultimate Beloved?

In truth, for the Beloved One
comparison - there is none.

Faith is precious, for it is the very entanglement between the One Beloved and It's lover. Religion is reduced to a carcass, it may even become an excuse to hate and discriminate another when this love is absent from the heart. Our precious faith is revived, is resurrected by breathing into it 'life,' which is gnosis of love. It is recognizing how Love is the Ultimate Secret Ingredients of Everything, it is the very Theory of Everything that there is. When our eyes are made to open to see this elegant secret, every single matter will also be opened to us. May our precious faith be revived with the gnosis of Love, replacing our weak and incomplete faith with increasingly perfected faith. Through that gnosis one after another doors may open to us, for indeed Allah is ever opening these doors through His Command: Inna fatahna laka fathan mubeena - Indeed We have granted clear opening to thee (48:1).

Read in the Name of the Most Merciful, the Exclusive Lover

Indeed We have granted clear opening to you.

That Allah may forgive your community their past faults and those to follow and complete His favor to you and guide you on a straight Path,

And that Allah might help you with a mighty help.

He it is Who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the faithfuls that they might have more of faith added to their faith.

~ The Last Testament, Signs of Opening (Surah al-Fath) 48:1-4 ~

Sadiq M. Alam
Mymensingh / 31 Jan 2013

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