Tuesday, January 01, 2013

An Invocation of Beauty

O the Most Incomparable Beauty,
The Fountainhead of all beauty that exists
upon the planes of existence

      Please make our thoughts beautiful
      our speech and our actions beautiful
      Please make our interaction and relations
      with others and our self beautiful

Verily You are the Most Beautiful
and You love that which is beautiful

O the Most Beauteous One
There is not a trace of beauty but from You

     Please make our faces beautiful,
     radiant with Your Light
     Infuse our hearts and souls with Divine rays
     Make our entire being beautifully luminous
     For Your Light's manifestation is for us.

O the Most Majestic Beauty
There is no other refuge but You
O the Most Generous One

     Please make our moments beautiful
     Make our prayers to You
     and Your response to us beautiful
     Indeed all success comes from You
     and they are beautified only through Your approval

O the Ever Living
The Sublime and Peerless One
The Beautiful Configurator

     May our gnosis of Yours unite us with You
     May our faith and our surrender be beautiful
     Harmoniously merging with Your will

     Please make our being in the world beautiful
     May our passing away from the world
     and final return to You beautiful
     May our appearance and disappearance
     from the world be beautiful

With salutation of peace to all of Your beautiful Messengers
and specially to Your locus of Divine Love,
Your habib and beauty personified
May we receive complete guidance from his perfect guidance
upon the Path that reaches us to Your Beauteous Face.

~ Sadiq M. Alam . 1st Jan 2013 . Dhaka, Bangladesh

Communicate beauty by being in love with beauty,
which means being in love with God;
that is the ultimate Beauty.

~ Pir Vilayat Khan

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