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Mawlid an-Nabi 2013 AD - 1434 AH / Speech by Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee

There has certainly come to you a Noble Messenger from among yourselves. 
Grievous to him is your suffering; [he is] concerned over you and 
to the faithful he is tender and merciful.
~ Message of the Final Testament 9:128 ~

Allah has indeed bestowed a great favour upon the faithful when He sent among them a Messenger from themselves, reciting to them His Signs and purifying them and teaching them the Book and wisdom, although they had been before in manifest error.  
~ 3:164 ~

And We have not sent you, [O Beloved Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds. 
~ 21:107 ~

12th Rabi'al Awwal on Hijri Calendar is celebrated globally by the lovers of the Prophet as the day of remembrance of the birth and advent of the Final and Seal of Prophets, the Messenger of God, the Truthful Spirit, the Holy Soul - the Mercy to all worlds - Muhammad Mustafa, may Allah's deep peace and blessings shower his precious being. Mawlid an-Nabi is the celebration of Allah's great favor for the faithfuls as mentioned in Quran 3:164 and also celebration of mercy to creation as mentioned at 21:107.

In the North America those who led from the front to establish the Mawlid as a regular event and gathering for the Muslim community, the name of Shaykh Abdullah Nooruddeen Durkee will appear on top because of his tireless and sincere work for many years for the love of the Prophet and his Mawlid, may Allah accept them and increase them in future and reach them to many hearts and minds.

From the Syakh's perspective Mawlid is celebrated as an occasion to remember Allah and His Chosen Messenger as well as an opportunity to teach the central characteristic of the Messenger, that is to be mercy to all of creation about which Allah says in the Qur'an - Wa ma arsalnaka illa rahmatanllil alamin- "I have not sent you except as a mercy to all of creation."

This year also the blessed Mawlid event has been held at Green Mountain School under the Direction of Shaykh Nooruddeen where other guest speakers and presenters also participated. The event was broadcast all over the world via Google Hangout and Youtube.

Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee, may Allah bless him and grant him long life, mentioned in the Introduction of his talk that this is the 13th annual Mawlid held at Islamic Study Center, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. In his introductory speech he reminded the need of Mawlid as the means of educating the community about the nature of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alaihi wa sallam. Mawlid is done for no other purpose but for Education, Education and Education about the locus of Mercy sent to the world.

Wa ma arsalnaka illa rahmatanllil alamin. Wa ma arsalnaka illa rahmatanllil alamin. Wa ma arsalnaka illa rahmatanllil alamin. You want to be a Muslim, don't give me the hats, don't give me the beards, don't give me the niqab, don't give me the hizab. If you want to do that, that's fine and good. But give me mercy, give me mercy people. Give me mercy. Be merciful to your selves, be merciful to your husbands, be merciful to your wives, be merciful to your children, be merciful to other human being, be merciful to your neighbors, be merciful to everybody. That's the message of Sayyidina Muhammad sallalahu alaihi wa salaam.

I can tell you many things, but I want you to leave with that and understanding where is that coming from. He says, qataba rabbikum ala nafsihi Rahma. It is coming from 'the One Who Has Written Upon Himself', Allah Subhanu watala, Mercy. So this is the time for Mercy. This is the time.

~ from the Speech of Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee at Mawlid 1434 AH at Green Mountain School on 20th January 2013

Click on the image screen below to watch Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee's speech in full during Mawlid via Youtube:
Watch Shaykh Nooruddeen's Mawlid Speech

You may watch all of the latest Mawlid speech and other presentation via Green Mountain School's website [].

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