Thursday, November 22, 2012

How does War look like?

There is truth or truths and there exists a dark tendency within human psyche to cover up that truth in many forms, through many strategies. Its not only a problem with dictators, corrupt politicians or other professionals but it start from each individual. As individual we cover up truths regarding our own selves, about our hatred, our deep conditioning, biases.

In our time the entity that on a regular and systemic way cover up truths is the media. It is because the media is built, operated and kept on going by the interest groups and manipulators who constantly bombard the mass with their own agenda.

Very recently we saw another nasty aggression by Israel on Palestinian people. There is ceasefire there at the moment but there is no cessation of oppression, discrimination and evil there. As you perhaps saw the news on traditional media, it is very likely that the news source from which you received those news were highly biased and highly manipulative. Now a days, almost all of the traditional media outlet will present the facts as they want and in the manner they want. During the entire conflict there were very few media which portrayed the loss of human lives or the ugly face of war where innocent children, women and elderly were slaughtered mercilessly by the most terrorizing country in the world.

Those who cover up the truth is known as kufr. And no matter who or in what context does it, they fall in the category of being a kafir. May God save us from such tendencies of covering truth, be it within ourselves or without, be it inside ourselves or outside in the world.

If you want to face the truth which we all must, head out to this site (link below) to have a peek at how war really look like without any sanitation of facts or filtering of corporate controlled media. In this century can we not expect better from humanity who claim to be so civilized, advanced, scientific, innovative and knowledge driven!?

This is what War looks like.

click the above link to view war crimes in recently Israeli attack on Gaza. We all deserves to know truth as they are.

Click on the image above to see in large that | it also demonstrates the pattern of Israeli instigation and the connection to elections, shame how politicians are ready to bathe in blood of innocents to even win popularity in elections (credit)
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