Friday, August 24, 2012

Be like a Bee

“Be amongst the people like unto the bee amongst the birds; while the bee is incomparable to the birds and they look down upon it, had they known the blessing within the bee’s belly they would not have considered it lowly; Mingle amongst the people with your conversations and your bodies, but separate them from your deeds and your heart. For truly, to a man belongs what he has gained and in the Day of Judgement he shall be with whom he loved!” - Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Your worth cannot be determined by what people think of you! Your value is not outside you, indeed what is precious is within! Had people known this would they have betrayed you? Would they have forsaken you? There is something of immense value within you, like the honey deep inside the bee, but no one sees it and values it:

They sold him for a miserable price, for a few Dirhams counted out: in such low estimation did they hold him! [The Qur'an 12:20] (About the sale of Prophet Joseph as an inexpensive slave)

When people look at a bee or hear its buzzing, do they taste the sweet blessing of its honey? Similarly Imam Ali teaches that no one appreciates the value of what is inside you by simply talking and being physically close, rather the sweetness of this honey blesses when the man is alone doing something good or feeling something beautiful within his heart! Likened to a bee, which only when alone, concealed within the hive, the blessing of its honey leaves its physicality and is suitable for others to consume and to benefit from, even long after the bee is gone.

Chieftain of all the beloveds of Allah, Muhammad peace be upon him said:

“The believer is like unto a bee, feeds upon the goodness, relieves a burden of goodness (honey), lands upon a branch softly so as not to break it and when falling into the water does not pollute it.”

And again the commander of the nation of the lovers saw Divine Secrets beyond the Zāhir (Outmost Manifest) of everything, peace be upon him rendered the Kamāl (Perfection) of human-ness:

“The very example of a believer is that of a bee, its companionship benefits you, its consultation benefits you, and if it sits by you it benefits you and all its affairs are beneficial, such is everything about the bee: beneficial”

Eat from the goodness of all things and let it leave you as goodness for humanity! Eat from the goodness of all things and plunder not! Be the bee that devours the nectar of a blossom and leaves it as it found it.

Be useful to all things around you, be it a bush or a bird or another human being. Examine your affairs, if you find one that has the potential for causing any harm, cease and desist.

Heal all around you as the honey naturally heals while being sweet: there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colours, wherein is healing for men: verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought. [16:69]

“The example of Bilal is that of a bee, whether it ate the sweet or the bitter, it is entirely sweet (its honey)” admired the Prophet. Whether Allah decreed for you the sweetness of destiny or the bitterness inevitable, digest everything into a honey for all around you, those you see and those you cannot and those who come after you. Does the bee choose who devours its honey? Then don’t let your compassion be selective.

Is within this bee that buzzes around your yard any Divine Secrets? No! Then look closer through the Prophetic Eyes:

“From some of your Dhikr (Remembrance) about the Jalāl (Momentous Glory) of Allah be it Tasbih (Glorification) or Tahlil (Exultation) or Tahmid (Praise) circle around the ‘Arsh (Divine Throne) buzzing like the buzzing of the bees, recalling their companions (Al-Dhakir, the Rememberer ). Doesn’t each one of you love to have someone that would not cease remembering him?”

Do you want me my love to tell you why that special somebody broke your heart and left your forsaken forever? For you forsake the Dhikr (Remembrance) of Allah, indeed Allah is for you as you feel for Allah!

What did the Sultan of all lovers warn against? The Eden’s Nightingale sang:

“He who loves a nation shall be amongst them in the Day Judgement”

And again

“The man is with whom he loves and you shall be (resurrected) alongside your beloved”

Would you inform your Self, where you shall be resurrected? Your next eternal genesis shall be amongst those whom you loved, alongside your current beloved!

Who is your beloved? Are you sure Hu is your Beloved?

Make sure.

- from Untired with Loving (, Dara O. Shayda

  Last night, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt -- marvelous error!
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.

 Last night, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt -- marvelous error!
that a fiery sun was giving
light inside my heart.
It was fiery because I felt
warmth as from a hearth,
and sun because it gave light
and brought tears to my eyes.

     Last night, as I slept,
I dreamt -- marvelous error!
that it was God I had
here inside my heart.

- by Antonio Machado (1875 - 1939), English version by Robert Bly

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