Tuesday, May 29, 2012

there is treasure in your heart, it is heavy with child

Women Garden

Every midwife knows
that not until a mother’s womb
softens from the pain of labour
will a way unfold
and the infant find that opening to be born.

Oh friend!
There is treasure in your heart,
it is heavy with child.

All the awakened ones,
like trusted midwives are saying,
'welcome this pain.'

It opens the dark passage of Grace.

~ Rumi

# Further:
Sufi Master Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee from Golden Sufi speaks on being Pregnant with God, a term Mystics often use to indicate the state of the soul when it is attracted towards Divine Proximity, when Divine longing become very much like a new existence within, that is calling from within to acknowledge it - very much like a child, a new soul which comes into existence within a woman's body and make its presence known. What is it really mean to be pregnant with God? Here are few of his talks that might be beneficial. Click on the link to listen to the mp3 audio.

(*) Pregnant with God / Complete Talk: 33.4 mb / 1992
(*) The Inner Feminine: Her Dual Nature - Part A: 27.5 mb | Part B: 22.3 mb
(+) Substance within the Heart (43 mins)  / 2008
(+) Journey back to God / Complete Talk: 71.5 mb / 2010

More of his talks can be found here.

For those evolved soul who have understand the Way of Surrender, those who have walked in the Path of surrender, they also understand that all that comes from the Beloved are filled with blessings and nothing less. Sri Swami Chidananda was one such blessed soul whose teachings still quench the heart and soul of many. Here is his teachings titled, "Pain is a Blessing in Disguise" which sheds light on this mystery of pain and blessing. I am sharing here from the his book Daily Swadhyaya:

"Unknown to you, the Divine has been shaping you gradually for the noble, sublime life spiritual through various means. He has been putting opportunities in your way, and bringing obstacles; giving bitter experiences. God does more miracles through painful and unpleasant experiences than He does through pleasant experiences.

Pain is an eye-opener. When one realises the ground truth that association with all temporary things is fraught with sorrow, then only our journey to Eternal begins. Sorrow, therefore, seems to have some purpose. Pain is a blessing in disguise. Pain turns your mind towards God, in whom alone there is lasting happiness and peace. This mundane life is full of miseries. Life is not a bed of roses. Ups and downs, troubles and tribulations are common in this world. There is no way to escape from them. The reactions of one’s past actions have to be gone through.

There are many instances of those who had to undergo a lot of sufferings: Harishchandra, Nala, Dharmaraja, Savitri, Damayanti and Draupadi. Even Lord Christ had to undergo a lot of suffering.

God sometimes puts His devotees in difficult situations in order to strengthen them spiritually. Face them bravely. Each obstacle will strengthen you. Each failure is a stepping-stone to success. Please be happy in whatever circumstances God has placed you. Have intense faith in Him. Rely on Him, He knows what is best for you. Pray to God to give you strength to face them calmly. He will protect you and guide you.

Difficulties come in our path to test our strength. As such, we should welcome them. And with faith and trust in the Lord and His holy Name, we should tide over them. Remember: even this will pass away. God’s ways are mysterious. The world is the play of God. Be a witness in this play.

God is kind and merciful. Therefore, despair not. Be calm and serene. It is worry that weakens the mind and body. You cannot remove worries by worrying. Be ever cheerful and happy. All unpleasant happenings are so much ‘account settled’, and makes your burden lighter. There must be unshaken faith in God during trials, disappointments and difficulties. Ever be rooted in God. Hope and help come when one is utterly helpless. He is Karunanidhi, kind and all love. There is no end to His mercy. Those who surrender to Him will have no fear." (credit)

Alaa inna awliyaa Allahi 
la khawfun 'alayhim 
wa la hum yahzanoon

Verily on the friends of Allah
there is no fear
nor shall they grieve.

- The Final Testament, Chapter of Jonah10:62
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