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Eri sakhi mohe Piya ghar aaye | Sufi Song in Translation

Eri sakhi mohe Piya ghar aaye
bhaag lage usey aangan ko

Apne Piya ke main bal bal jaon, 
charan lagaayo nirdhan ko

Main to khadi thi aas lagaaye,
 mehndi, kajra, maang sajaaye

Dekh Suratiya apne piya ki,
haar gayee main tan man ko

Jiska Piya sang beete saawan,
us dulhan ki rain suhaagan

Jis saawan mein Piya ghar naahi,
aag lage us saawan ko

Eri sakhi mohe Piya ghar aaye
bhaag lage usey aangan ko

O friend, the homecoming of my Beloved
has made this courtyard so perfectly blessed

To my Beloved, I bow a thousand times
for accepting at His feet, this unworthy self of mine

In deep longing I waited and waited,
with henna and flowers arranged

Glancing upon the Face of my Beloved,
lost I - my heart and my mind

Being in the Presence of the Beloved
makes the spring so much more beautiful

And the spring that is spent without the Beloved,
may it turn to ashes, may it turn to ashes!

O friend, the homecoming of my Beloved
has made this courtyard so perfectly blessed.
One of the most popular Sufi Song (original lyrics by Hazrat Amir Khusrow), a new rendition is done by Ustad Rashid Khan. Watch and listen to this Sufi Masterpiece via Youtube here. Thanks to A. V. and A. R. for help with the translation.

The song speaks of the arrival of the Divine Presence in the Temple of Heart, which is the Throne of God. The realization and discovery of God's Presence in Heart is likened with homecoming of the Great Beloved. Also it speaks of the bewilderment of mystic lovers of God in the Majestic Presence and how the Presence or absence of God makes everything or nothing for Divine lovers.

But in another level of meaning, the song could also be interpreted as a dedication to one's spiritual Master or Khwaja, Murshid, Rabboni. This song was written by Hazrat Amir Khusrow who was a devout disciple of Great Saint, Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. The song from that point of view, celebrates the beauty and presence of the Spiritual Teacher and his arrival. This is the celebration and glorification of Fana fi Shaykh or merging in the image of one's Spiritual Teacher which is equivalent of the Teacher's arrival within the humanness of the disciple.

And the last level of meaning is celebration of love from one lover for his or her beloved and the joy expressed for his or her presence. After all, the love for another human being is subset of, and pointer to Divine Love.

"I am not just a body having a soul.
I am a soul in human existence in this temporal body.
This not my body, this is the sacred Temple of God.
Heart is not of flesh and blood alone, Heart is the very Throne of God."
~ Seed for Sufi Meditation

# Different Artist's Rendition:
This song is so popular that its rendered by various Artists in Indian Sub-Continent. Here are some notable ones with slight improvisation with lyrics, vocal and tunes.
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