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Nothing can befall us | meditative quranic verses

Qul: "lan yuseebana illama kataba-Allahu 
lana Huwa Mawlana,
wa ala Allahi fal yatawakkali al mu'minoon."

Say and penetrate into this deep reality:
"Nothing can befall us, except what Allah has ordained for us. 
Hu is our Supreme Lord.
And upon Allah let the faithful put their trust."

- The Quran 9:51

The above Ayah or Sign from the Quran is simultaneously a protection, healing and a guidance to the truth of higher reality where only Divine Will, Divine Ordination exists. The will of human or any other free-willed-creature is infinitesimally small subset of the Grand Set of Divine Will. The above Ayah is also an invocation for those who aspire to attain a tranquil and reassured heart (hadiyal wa qalb mutmayini).

To those whom God the Most High by His Grace have opened the door of unseen knowledge, understand the secret of faith. The universe is a mirror, so is the inner Heart of Man and in both of these mystical mirror man finds reflected that which he attain faith unto. If a person has faith upon the healing of a saintly soul, simply touching the coat tail of the saint heals him. When such miracle of healing happened in the time of Christ, our blessed Master, may we receive sanctity from his honored station, in simple truth he openly transmitted this secret, "Take heart! Your faith has healed you." Its that simple. The very substance of faith, which appear to be so unsophisticated, because it is a function of innocence - this "faith" holds the greatest power of transformation. The reality changes and transforms in proportion to the degree of faith (imaan). 

Indeed God testifies, as do His Angels, to this that Thy Will (mashi'yatiki) in all-things is the essence (dhat) of the Will of God (dhat mashi'yat'ul'Lah) in Thy rank (fi rutbatiki) and that Thy Volition (iradatiki) is the essence of the Volition of God (dhat iradat'u'llah) within Thy station (fi maqamiki).
- the Bab, Prayer of Visitation for Fatima (ziyara't'ul-zahra'), translation by Nima W. Azal via MS. DLI. (Digital Library of Iran) 12448, p.186

Man is the maker of his reality because Man is God's secret and God alone is Real and God alone is the Totality of Reality. In Islamic sacred tradition (hadith qudsi) we find that God declares, "Man is My Secret and I Am His Secret." One aspect of this Secret of God - the totality of which is beyond words and description - part of it is deposited in Man's Heart. And this Secret operate with man's attainment of faith. Through attainment of faith, man aligns himself closer to the Reality by the Divine Permission.

Such grand is its depth that God is says, "I Am to My Servant as My servant beholds Me in his heart." That is to say, if man holds God as Merciful in the Heart, it is the divine mercy which overflows, if man holds God as only Beloved in the Heart, it is the divine love (hubb) which overtake the heart. Similarly when man understand the reality that there is no other will that operate independent of God's will, then according to that faith and its degree of attainment, he receives from the Divine Treasure. When man holds that it is the Merciful Lord who is in the Sovereign Chargé d'affaires, then nothing but Mercy shall cover man, nothing but grace shall arrive, no matter how from outside things may appear. Then every act transform into an act of overflowing mercy.

Thus as in the above Ayah God is teaching us to enter into this statement of Truth that says, "Nothing befall us except what the Divine has appointed." This is not a statement of fatalistic belief, but this is a statement that empower a human being beyond imagination, to such degree that has no limit, for God is unlimited in His mercy, in His generous giving and in His love. This empowers man because then man has nothing to fear in the earth and in the heaven and man has nothing to hold him anxious. For nothing can befall us except what Allah has ordained for us and servant knows that Allah is the Most Merciful, whose Mercy extends infinitely beyond everything else.What God has ordained for us is more honorary for humanity than what human being can do collectively in their limited knowledge mixed with ignorance (aviddya).

The above mentioned Ayah also describe the perfect station of illuminated souls, the saintly beings.

If man knew how infinitesimally small and weak is his will as compared to God's will, he will only feel honored in understanding the truth when its said, "Nothing can befall us except what Allah has ordained for us." It is through penetrating in such truth, the saints become peaceful like an infant child who sleep peacefully in the arm of her mother untouched by any anxiety, thus also the saints radiate peace like a child illumed by complete trust upon the mother. For the saintly souls it suffice for their complete peace what God has ordained for them, for Allah is the Best of Knower and Best among who gives Mercy, and Allah knows best our true royal nature.

As Hafiz says, "Remember for just one minute of the day, it would be best to try looking upon yourself more as God does, for She knows your true royal nature." And it is more fitting for our royal nature what God, the Supremely Royal has ordained for us. Thus the saints arrive at the tranquility of their heart in knowing and realizing that "Nothing can, and nothing shall befall on them except what their Beloved has ordained for them." This is the secret of attaining a peaceful, serene and tranquil heart.

'lan yuseebana illama kataba-Allahu' ... "Nothing can befall us except what Allah has ordained for us" - say inside of yourself and say outside of yourself and invite faith upon your heart. Say it more than once, say it seven times, say it hundred times, say it as long as it takes until you arrive at its reality (haqiqa) and may we continue to "walk" until we are made to arrive. May Allah increase our capacity to place trust in Him alone, for "Huwa Mawlana", He alone is our Sovereign Master, our Lord. May Allah take us not away until we learn to place trust upon Him in every affair. Indeed all perfection is Allah's and from Allah arrives every perfection.

Allah! Allah! Ya Allah!

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