Thursday, June 09, 2011

la oración del corazón

In Your Name, O You Who is Boundlessly Loving, Boundlessly Compassionate

O Allah You have made us courier of Your blessedness,
Your descent of blessings
and Your ascent of blessings.
Truly all blessedness is Yours.

You are the Source of Beauty,
You are the Source of Perfection,
You are the Source of Harmony,
and You allow Your honored forms to borrow reflections
from that Beauty, Perfection and Harmony,
so allow us o our Fashioner to borrow from Your Infinite Treasure:
beauty, perfection and harmony
in every sphere of our lives.

Allah ke bojhe tomar opar lele?

O You who is beyond comparison, none of us have truly grasped Your Glorious Glory,
none of us have truly comprehended Your baatin (hiddenness),
none of us have truly understood Your zahir (manifestation).
You remain hidden in Your manifestation
and You manifest in your hiddenness.
Give us capacity to approach You in every movement and in every stillness
in our existence that ever drawing us back to You, Who is the Source of all.

O You who have honored the children of Adam by bestowing them
intellect, conscience, heart, soul and spirit -
may your blessing illume all our faculties with which You have give us existence
O Glorious Creator Who brings existence out of non-existence,
You who brings night out of day and day out of night
You who brings life out of dead and resurrect the dead
awaken our heart, soul and spirit
grant us vision to witness Your Signs and Your Glory embedded in all that exists.
May this day be blessed for us, for those who walk with us
and for those who shall follow us.

Amen Ya Rabbul Alaamin
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