Thursday, June 23, 2011

He is the One who presents the knowledge of Himself to you

If the Divine opens a door for you, thereby making the Divine Self known,
pay no heed if your deeds do not measure up to this.

For, in truth, Hu has not opened it for you
but out of desire to make the Self known to you.

Do you not know that He is the One
who presented the knowledge of the Self to you,
whereas you are the one who presented Him with deeds?

What a difference between
what He brings to you and what you present to Him!

~ Shaykh Ibn Ataillah, may Allah be pleased with him

Ayatul Qursi part in Arabic
Ya'lamu ma bayna aidihim wa ma khalfahum,
Wa la yuhituna bishayin min ilmihi illa bi masha'a.

The Ultimate Source abiding beyond time,
always remains perfectly aware of what deeds they bring from their past and what is after them.  
And, human beings can comprehend nothing of His encompassing knowledge
except what Allah Most High transmit to them as gifts of Grace.
~ From the Verses of the Throne, Ayatul Qursi, The Holy Quran 2:255 ~
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