Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ananda Dhara Bohiche Bhubone | Song of Tagore

Ananda dhara bohiche bhubone.
Din o rajani koto omrito rosho 
Utholi jayo anonto gogone

Stream of divine bliss is flowing in all planes of existence.
Day and night ceaseless nectar of pure joy
spills over to the infinite cosmos.

Pan kore robi shoshi anjali bhoriya,
Shoda dipto roye akkhoyo jyoti.

The sun and the moon drink in their hands full,
Beaming with never diminishing light in their sublime subsistence.

Nittyo purno dhora jibone kirone,
Ananda dhara bohiche bhubone.

Ever filled is this manifestation with rays of light and life,
Stream of divine bliss flowing in all, for all.

Boshiya acho keno apono mone
Shartho nimogno ki karone?

Why are you sitting there alone
all selfishly self-absorbed, miserable?

Khudro dukkho shobo tuccho mani
Chari dike dekho chahi Hridoyo proshari
Premo bhoriya loho shunno jibone.

These illusions of suffering are vanity of vanities,
To look beyond them, expand you Heart,
Fill your empty cup of life from the fountain of love.

Ananda dhara
bohiche bhubone.

Behold, the stream of divine joy
is ever flowing in the world.

- Song of Tagore | Original in Bengali. Download the original as mp3 as sung by Arnob

The Mystics knows the secret that our soul, which is essentially spiritual in nature is nourished by divine bliss, by divine grace. In his writing title, The Smiling Forehead, Hazrat Inayat Khan writes: "The sanskrit word Atma means the soul of man as joy itself. In its pure condition it is a joy, and when it is without joy its natural condition is changed: it depends upon the names and forms of the earth and is deprived of the dance of the soul. Therein lies the whole tragedy of life. The wrath of Indra, the God of paradise, is nothing but breach of law, as it is natural that the soul is attracted to the Spirit and that the true joy of every soul is the realization of the divine Spirit."

A valuable remembrance for us is that the Divine joy, bliss, peace and harmony is ever flowing, is ever accessible and its birthright to every soul because it is the natural condition of the soul. When Sufis say Allahu al Qarib, its a pointer to the closeness of that Reality.

For Happiness, cure against depression, ungratefulness is the Holy Name of the Divine is ash-Shakur. Allahu ash-Shakur. Its remembrance of the quality of the Most Grateful,  the Most Appreciative,  the Source of Gratefulness. Use this Holy Name: Ash-Shakur (from which comes the word Shukr) to transcend every otherness of misery, depression and sadness - for your soul's essence is happiness, awakened joy and bliss.

Modern Mystic Osho gives us a meditation called Inner Smile meditation which is as follows:

Breathe From the Mouth: “Relax the lower jaw and let your mouth open just slightly. Start breathing from the mouth, but not deeply. Just let the body breathe so it becomes more and more shallow. And when you feel that the breath has become very shallow and your mouth is open and jaw relaxed, your whole body will feel very relaxed. 

Feel a Smile: “In that moment, start feeling a smile — not on your face but all over your being — and you will be able to. It is not a smile that comes on the lips; it is an existential smile that spreads just inside. Try and you will know what it is, because it cannot be explained. No need to smile with your lips on your face but just as if you are smiling from the belly, the belly is smiling.

“And it is a smile, not a laugh, so it is very very soft, delicate, fragile — like a small rose opening in the belly and the fragrance spreading all over the body.

“Once you have known what this smile is, you can remain happy for twenty-four hours a day. And whenever you feel that you are missing that happiness, just close your eyes and catch hold of that smile again, and it will be there. In the daytime as many times as you want, you can catch hold of it. It is always there.”

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