Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The State of Magnetic Attraction (Jadhb) to Allah

Divine attraction (jadhb) is to draw the devotee, the instrument, the image of God closer, through the Divine providential care, which provides to him all that he needs to fold up the way-stations on the way to the Real, without effort or striving on his part. So al majdhub or the one (pulled by the Divine attraction) is he whom the Real specially elected for Himself and selected for entrance into the presence of His intimacy, and purified with the water of His holiness.

So he achieved - without the effort of struggle and acquisition - the pure gifts and grants which one wins when passing through the stations and levels of the path. And this way of Divine attraction, which beings first with fana which comes about for the ecstatic (majdhub) by his witnessing of the light of the Real, with a witnessing having no heedlessness within it. The meaning of this is that the ecstatic, in his state of fana, does not see anything but the lights of the Divine being, while everything else become pure non-being. For the majdhub, there is no being except the Existent Divine Being Who is Self-Established.

The traveller on the path (salik) may be taken by surprise with Divine attraction, which causes him to pass away from himself and from the dhikr and from everything with nothing remaining before him save the lights of the Real. So he passes away in them, and even passes away from the process of fana itself, and this is what is known as the "annihilation of annihilation." In this state, his heart is completely filled with the Divine light. The servant characterizes himself with the Divine character traits, and then becomes realized in them, then becomes attracted and magnetically pulled, then as a result his individual essence is effaced and attributes depart and he is freed from the domain of the other. In that state, the thunderbolt of the Real (through the agency of the Real) shine before him, so he looks upon everything and sees Allah in everything; and that is the first of the stations.

Wayusabbihu ar raAAdu bihamdihi wa almala-ikatu min kheefatihi.

The thunder hymneth His praise and (so do) the angels for awe of Him.
- The Quran, chapter of Thunder, 13:13

He tastes it but can not explain it while it kindles the lamp of his inspiration in the darkness of heedlessness, and lifts off all of the painful separators (from Allah), and directs the face in the direction of the Goal, raises his sight of spiritual perception to the star of witnessing.

Indeed, the phrase "the attracted one" (majdhub) which we use is taken from the words of the Prophet Muhamamad (peace and blessings be upon him), in which he says, "One pull of attraction (jadhba) from the magnetic pull of the Real outweights the actions of the humans and jinn."

This is because Allah attracted them and effaced them from their selves in their movements and fastened them with Himself. And the meaning of attracting them is that the Real brought them before Himself and wiped them out from themselves and from seeing themselves in their movements, and consolidated their stance with Him by their beholding Allah's establishment of them in their actions and movements.

So the path of attraction is the path of "the desired ones" (murad, instead of murid, those who desire). Allah effaced their action with His actions, and their qualities with His qualities, and their essences with His essence, and carried them in secrets which the generality of the saints are unable to bear or hear. They are the ones who drowned in the great ocean of essence and the flood current of the attributes.

With us, the Shadhidhuliyyah, this path is known as the path of attraction (jadhb). The path of the traveller (salik) differs from it in that the traveller (salik) strives against himself and rises in the stations, station by station, and remains in this toil and struggle until he reaches annihiliation, which the attracted one (majdhub) reaches in the moment of Divine grace that granted him rest from the toil of the traveller (salik) in his ascent could meet.

Alam nashrah laka sadrak?

Have We not expanded your heart?

My God, You have commanded me to return to created things. So return me to them with the raiment of lights and the guidance of insight, so that I may return from them to You just as I entered You from them with my innermost secret being protected from looking to them and my aspiration (himma) raised above dependence on them. Truly, You are the Capable over everything!

My God! How can one argue inferentially of You by that which depends on You for its existence? Does anything other than You have a greater share of manifestation than You have so that it becomes the manifestation for You? When did You become so absent that You are in need of a proof of giving evidence of You? And when did You become so distant that it is created things themselves that lead us to You?

Allah is the One sought after for help,
And He is al-Wali, my Protecting Friend in this life and the next
and He is my Sole Sufficiency, and how excellent a Trustee!

- from the writings of Shaykh Muhammmad Said al Jamal, may Allah sanctify him
from the book, "How the Arrival is Realized O People of Hearts and Souls and Intellects." Pin It Now!