Sunday, January 09, 2011

Meeting your Lord | meditative Quranic verses

Aalif Laam Meem Ra.

Tilka ayatu al-Kitab. Wa allazee onzila ilayka min Rabbika al-haqqu, wa la kinna akthara an-nasi la yu'minoon.

Kullun yajree li-ajalin musamman. Yudabbiru al-amra yufassilu al-ayati la' aallakum biliqa-i Rabbikum tooqinoon.

By the Mysteries concealed within Aalif Laam Meem Ra

These are the Signs of the Revelation. What your Lord has sent down to you is the truth, yet most people do not believe.

Everything in the manifest reality is running (its course) for a specified term. Lord, the Owner of Glorious Majesty regulates all things, and makes the revelations clear so that you may be certain of meeting your Lord.

- The Final Testament, Chapter of the Thunder

Go to my brothers and tell them:
‘I am ascending
to my Father and your Father,
to my Lord and your Lord’

- Instruction of Jesus Christ to his intimate companion Mary Magdalene, John 20

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