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One Light, One Ancient Qaum from Valad Nameh

In the Name of al-Qadim, the Infinitely Ancient

Sultan of 'Ashiqin (Chieftain of Lovers) informed the people that close friends to Allah though in many bodies and minds and in different time intervals are indeed one entity and the rest of the humanity (those away from Allah) are many disconnected individuals.

As we have uncovered that the molecular structures and physiological processes of our bodies and minds are indeed ancient, order of billions of years, Sufis believe that indeed the human beings are infinitely old, creatures in another realm in infinite past, and our biological formations are mere projections or fossils of this terrific ancient creature!

Those who were too close to Allah in infinite past universe of Qidam, enjoyed the unity of their existence, and when cloaked with bio-psychological robe of earthly birth, they are indeed inexorably linked members of a single collective (Qaum).

- Notes from Dara O Shayda via the Sufi Notes Yahoo Email Group

Azizam (Dearest to my heart),

The singleton Nur (Light) of the Prophets, Aulia' (Close Friends of Allah) and the Mu'minin (Believers) is Qadim (Infinitely Ancient), Qā'im (Subsisting free of any withering) upon Allah, transience and multiplicity is for their Surat (Constraints to form and shape) not for their spirituality. Since the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: I was a Nabi (Divine Informer) while Adam was between the water and the mud.

They are all but one singleton Nafs (Self) since they are alive due to the Nur (Divine Light) of Al-Haqq (The Absolute Reality) and if you glance upon them you see one but if you stare at their bodies and into their minds (Surat) you see a plethora of many!

Like unto the sun, shining into a thousand houses but it is one light radiated from one light source. Mustafa (The Chosen) peace be upon him call them as one self:

They might differ with regards to the life of this world, (but) The Believers is Ka (like-unto) one Self..

Baha'eddin Ibn Mulavi, eldest son of Rumi has thus versed:

The adorer of the sun is praising his own self,
for my eyes are blind and darkened and defective
while the light of the sun is the light for itself (to see the beauty of itself)

Mustafa (The Chosen) said: I was a Divine Informer (Nabi) 
while Adam between the water and the clay, 
a treasure within the 'Adam (Nothing-ness)

For as long as there was Allah I have been with Hu 
for I am Hu's Divine Secret therefore do not count one as two

We were while there was no cosmos, 
we are Infinitely Ancient (Qidam) yet Adam transient

Adam's existence is transient but his light sanctified 
from impermanence and transience an infinitely ancient light from Azal: 
Where there is Allah and no one else!

The souls of men are from the Nur (Divine Light) of Al-Haqq (The Absolute Reality, Allah) 
and shall tumult vexed unless by the presence of Al-Haqq.

See all of us as one, though one a male and the other a female, 
one Roman and the other Syrian, one a scholar and the other a commoner.

Each a different tongue and a different song, 
but all separated from Al-Haqq endowed with an exclusive divine secret...

A single light, lit a thousand homes, the light of the Al-Haqq
like a sun irradiating all insides, for all are radiantly resplendent
because of this single light and thus all are one:
A Singleton Nafs (Self) as was coined by Mustafa

And yet the rest are mere carnal lives, and if the light of one dies,
no worries for the neighboring house,
for this light is fueled by a life of sleeping and eating


Although there are thousands in the Collective 
yet the count is only one! 
Just like the waves upon the sea, many high tides and many low tides, 
never separate from the sea, the one sea 

Proclivity is due to the lineage: livestocks tend towards the green pastures to graze 
and the human being tends towards the obeisance of Al-Rahman (The Most Benevolent Gift Giver)

The tendency towards the servitude and companionship 
is for the members of the same species, 
have you ever seen a camel desire the company of a donkey?

Only Ishq (Unary Unrestrained Loving) tends towards Ishq, 
and whoever loves the Darwishān (Pauper Friends of Allah) 
has thus reached the rank of Certitude (Yaqin).


One Light, One Ancient Qaum (Collective), Excerpt from Valad Nameh by Baha'eddin Ibn Mulavi, Eldest son of Rumi . Farsi Editors: Najma Jabri'il Musavi and Sheikha Niloufar Ghulami

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