Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In every moment He is acting | meditative Quranic verses

Yas'aluHu ma fis-samawati wa-l-'ard.
Kulla yowmin Huwa fi sha'n.

Fabi'ayyi 'alaa'i Rabbikuma tukazziban?

In heavenly and planetary planes of existence, all beseech Him.
In every moment He is acting.

Which, then, of the favors of your Lord will you deny?

- Final Testament, Chapter of the Universally Merciful (55:29-30)

If we wish to partake in the Divine Hue by taking up the Divine Colors (Sibghata Allahi), a way of embodying the Transcendent is to engage in wholesome action in every moment. Remember, the Divine in every instant manifesting Pure Action in ceaseless creation, preservation, destruction and resurrection. God's "being in action in every moment" is a Divine Attribute. For the human being, the khalifa, 'the image', the encapsulated 'secret' in body - all possible range of human affairs, from the simplest act of breathing when done in grateful awareness to the act of washing the body-temple for purification, to the act of love making, all can become acts of devotion towards the Divine, Glorious is Hu, Who acts in every moment. May all our striving towards embodying the Transcendent be made part of the indivisible wholeness in our sacred journey towards holiness, towards Godliness (Rabbani).

Kulla yowmin Huwa fi sha'n. In every moment Hu is acting.

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