Friday, October 22, 2010

A Prayer by Ahmet Kayhan Dede

My God, in every place that we go,
favour us that we may be: not a war-monger, but a reconciler.
Oh Lord, favour us that we may be a sower:
of love, in place of hate;
of forgiveness, in place of suffering;
of hope, in place of despair;
of enlightenment, in place of darkness;
of joy, in place of sorrow.

Help us to be: not of those who focus on faults,
but those who kindly veil them;
not of those who seek consolation, but those who console;
not of those who expect to be understood,
but of those who show understanding;
not only of those who want to be loved,
but also of those who love.

Like the rain which bestows liveliness without discrimination
upon every place it falls, like the sun which enlightens
all existence with its light, without discrimination;
like the earth which bestows its blessings ungrudgingly
upon everyone who tramples it;
and like the night which blankets faults and mistakes:
favour us that we may be among those
who prepare for the purification of faith while the world rests.

The givers, not the takers;
those who are forgiven because they forgive;
those who are born with Truth,
those who live with Truth,
and those who die with Truth,
and are re-born to Eternal Life -

Destine us to join their ranks!

Amen. By Your will, My God, so be it.

Note: The above is Haci Ahmet Kayhan Dede's favorite prayer, a prayer that "belongs to the world" he used to say. Ahmet Dede was a Naqshbandi Shaykh from Turkey, even though he very rarely introduced himself by it. He preferred to be known simply as Dede, which in Turkish means Grandfather. And indeed he was a loving grandfather to all his students who came to drink from the generous and sweet fountain that he hid within his bosom. May his soul rest in perfect peace. This prayer is translated by Marnie Tunay Meryem, who was blessed to be in the presence of the Master, God bless her journey | via Fakirs Canada site
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