Monday, October 25, 2010

How to make the Site more interactive?

And better and lasting Gift is with the Divine Authority for those who hearken to their Lord, and establish heart prayer; who conduct their affairs by mutual Consultation...
- The Noble Recital, Surah of Mutual Consultation

Inspirations and Creative Thoughts has its presence online since late 2004, early 2005.

As its content grew, there was a need to re-organize the site. I was also advised to structure in such a way so that someone (specially a new comer) could retrieve materials, may seek counsels from the elders of the Path that is often shared here. Also materials of similar type have been asked to place in a single page etc.

In this exploration my focus has been primarily to share beneficial materials of the Sufi Path that has the potential to benefit, guide, inspire anyone and everyone. Thus its mostly about the seekers and their benefits rather than from my self (unlike other site / blogs which mostly is about personal reflections, personal writings etc.) as I also belong to the category of seekers and no more.

Part of the restructuring is done for that purpose and with the intention that the site would be more seeker (user) friendly.

Now I would like to ask your advice, guidance and insight on what you think, whats your inspiration about how to make this site more interactive?

We live in an interesting time where seekers are transcending boundaries, traditions, space (geographical location, locality) and time to join in, attuning their heart and mind in diverse ways. The potential has been great. The practical "oneness" demonstrated by the connectivity of internet is unprecedented in human history.

Thus complementing this new era and its vibrant energy, even the modes of interaction have embodied new possibilities never imagined before. Under the new state of affairs: What is your take on interactions among spiritual seekers and what mode you think should be best suitable?

Traditionally so far under the scope of this site, the interaction has been mostly from the following sources / ways:
1. Readers / Seekers leave their comments under each post. Share their feelings and receive feedback / engage in discussion.
2. Readers / Seekers sometime will write to the Editor of this site on personal level and communication mostly occur on one to one basis, back and forth. Often time the Editor would even feel inspired and encouraged to connect other visitors / fellow seekers who are like hearted and might benefit from each other's interaction.
3. With some readers the Editor would receive call / will call them back for further interaction.
4. There has been some cases where the Editor have personally met the readers and continued our communication later on. This has opened up new vistas of collaboration and interaction, having far reaching benefits and possibilities.

Please do join in common heart and brain storming as to how to improve interactivity of this site / what is your idea about it / how group-work can be facilitated when it comes to spiritual seekers?"I am not young enough to know everything" - Oscar Wilde

I look forward for your illuminating ideas. Do write in the comment section of this post. Or you can directly write to me at email address. If you have difficulty publishing your comment, I suggest you to choose "Name/URL" or "Anonymous" option to select as identity in the comment section to avoid any problem.

And may the Divine peace find abode in your heart of heart. Pin It Now!