Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remember like the never ceasing music of the boundless ocean


let your time
pass idly.

Either keep a rosary with you and do japa, or if this does not suit you, at least go on repeating the Name of the Lord regularly and without interruption like the ticking of a clock. There are no rules or restrictions in this. Invoke Him by the Name that appeals to you most, for as much time as you can -  the longer the better. Even if you get tired or lose interest, administer the Name to yourself like a medicine that has to be taken.

In this way you will, at some auspicious moment, discover the rosary of the mind, and then you will continually hear within yourself the praises of the great Master, the Lord of Creation, like the never ceasing music of the boundless ocean. You will hear the land and the sea, the air and the heavens reverberate with the song of His glory. This is called the all-pervading Presence of His Name.
-  Sri Anandamayi Ma

We all came spinning
out of the great nothingness,
and the scattering of stars like dust.
We rarely hear the Inward Music,
yet we're all dancing to it nevertheless.
- Mevlana Rumi

When the Name becomes the sole mainstay and refuge of the aspirant who thirsts for the highest goal of life  -  God-realization -  he or she marches towards the ideal not only in rapid strides but also with a heart filled with courage and cheerfulness. Indeed, blessed is the soul who possesses an unflinching faith in the greatness of the Divine Name! -  Swami Ramdas, God Experience

And the men who remember much and the women who remember much, Allah has prepared forgiveness for them and an immense reward. - The Recital, Surah 33, verse 35

He who knows that he knows nothing
but the Name of God,
knows everything.
- Sri Brahma Chaitanya

And said the holy Messenger, "Shall I not inform you of the best of your works, the purest of them with your Lord, the loftiest of them in your stations, that which is better for you than spending gold and silver (in charity), and better for you than sacrificing your life at the battlefield for the sake of truth, freedom and justice and becoming martyr?" The companions said, "Of course!" He said, "Remembrance of Allah, the Most High." - Hadith from the collection of at-Tirmithi

 Let your tongue always be moist with the holy remembrance of Allah.
- Habib Allah

O pure devotee! Remember Allah with frequent remembrance!
- The Recital, Surah 33, verse 41

I will sing Thy Name, I will drink Thy Name,
and get all drunk, O with Thy Name!
- Paramahansa Yogananda, Cosmic Chants

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