Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Book of Theophanies | Ibn al Arabi

Mecca, the spiritual magnetic pole of the world - an aerial view, taken on Sunday, the 27th night of Ramadan 1431 A.H. shared by Sumayya Essack. Click on the image above for enlarged version.

Thus whispers the Divine Beloved:

O dear one, listen!

I Am the Reality of the world, the Center of the circle.
I Am the parts and the whole.

I Am the Will holding Heaven and Earth in place.
I Have given you sight only so you may see Me.

O dear one!
I call again and again but you do not hear Me,
I appear again and again but you do not see Me,
I fill Myself with fragrance, again and again,
but you do not smell Me.

I become savory food yet you do not taste Me.
Why can't you reach Me through your touch
Or breath Me in through your sweet perfumes?

Love Me,
Love yourself in Me.
No one is deeper within you than I.
Others may love you for their own sake,
But I love you for yourself.

Dear one!
This bargain is not fair - 
If you take one step towards Me,
It is only because I have taken a hundred toward you.
I Am closer to you than yourself.
Closer than your soul, than your own breath.
Why you do not see Me?
I Am so jealous Lover - 
I want you to see Me - and no one else.
To hear Me - and no one else,
not even yourself.

Dear one! Come with Me.
Let us go to Paradise together.
And if We find any road
that leads to separation,
We will destroy that road.

Let Us go hand in hand
In the presence of love.
Let it be Our witness,
Let it forever seal
this wondrous union of Ours. 

~ Ibn al Arabi, Jonathan Star ~

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