Sunday, March 14, 2010

dream of bawa muhaiyaddeen and soul's calling out

I had a dream last night..

I was little sad since last few days, from last two nights I was requesting God for guidance. Then I had this dream.

I dreamt that I am standing in a shop and telling the guys who run the shop to introduce me with a man or owner who lives behind the shop.. I give them a written letter to give to the man.. they took my letter and bring back the written answer from the man...

The answer is actually a written medical prescription from the man... as I read, I told them I don't need medicine, I want to meet that man or a holy man and send another letter... as they took my letter inside suddenly someone appeared I don't know from where!... a very very beautiful, a young person... I instantly recognized him, He was Baba Muhaiyyaddeen whose mazar (shrine) is one hour away from my home... he actually was looking at another woman but I hold his hand very tightly and said "I am not gonna leave you",

and I woke up.

I was not able to hold my tears and thought to share this with you..

- dream from first week of Feb, 2010

Let me share something from my dreams I had a year ago... 

Once I saw myself standing in my parents home and as I looked at  the sky, saw clouds were flying but color of clouds was red, like blood... I called other people to come out and look at the sky. Yet no one listened to me... Just in an instant a fleet of big birds or something else looking like birds appeared and was gone... and in the next moment a huge kite appeared and covered almost the whole sky... this kite's color and design was like the globe...

And it was a little above the roof of the house where I was standing and suddenly heard a blast coming far behind the stars, and something round and round like a riptid not shiny not black, but colored like quicksilver appeared and fell toward me and expanded with a speed my eyes couldn't hold (something from behind the stars and in a blink it came on top of me).. I just closed my eyes and put my both hands closed like the man in this picture and started screaming in fear "Allah jee! Allah jee!" (O God!, O God!).

and woke up all burning...

When I found this picture it made me stunned that it is almost like the bird in my dream, like a kite and eye like a riptid (round and round moving shape of water... kind of a huge circle) and man same like me except that I didn't find enough time to fall on my knees as it was so quick and overwhelming...

How long this dream was? May be less than a second... like you gaze and all this you capture in a single sight... I am not sure where I saw this picture but saved it.

- Shared from S. | Mystic at Heart and Lover of Sufi Path
may God protect, guide and bless her and help reach her Maqam-e-Hu

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