Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You should try to hear the name He has for things

You should try to hear the name
He has for things.
There is something in the phrase: “He taught Adam names.”

We name everything according
to its outward form;

He names it according
to the batin, to what is inside.

Moses waved his stick; he thought it was a staff,
Inside its name was “serpent.”

No one knows our hidden name
until our last breath goes out.

 - Rumi (credit)

On Ilm Zahir and Ilm Batin | Manifest and Hidden Knowledge

Some of the ignorant and fools say ilm zahir (manifest knowledge) and ilm batin (hidden knowledge) contradict each other. I seek refuge in Allah. These words are shaitan’s forgeries… In reality both these knowledges are one. Ilm Zahir is like a visible lamp that transports the knower from the stage of sharia’ to the stage of tariqa. Ilm Batin likewise is a lamp that transports the seeker from the stage of tariqa to the stage of haqiqa. Both these braches of knowledge are complimentary, without which there is no progress for people.

- Shah Sufi Mawlana Hazrat Abdullah Biscutti in Mir’atus Suluk (credit) Pin It Now!