Friday, December 11, 2009

Guided are the Hearts | meditative quranic verses

Maa-asaba mim museebatin illa bi-izni'Llah;

Wa man yu'min bi'Llahi yahdi qalbah;
Wa Allahu bikulli shay-in AAaleem.

- The Quran, 64:11
Chapter of Mutual Disillusion

No affliction befalls except by the Permission of God;
And guided are the hearts (qalb) that have true conviction (iman) to Divine, And God is Cognizant of all things.

Talismanic Quality of the Verse (64:11):

When afflicted by trouble of the inner heart (and mind, body) and of the dunya (world of appearances) (which is a reflection of what is within), its recommended to recite the above verse (in originally revealed language of arabic to maximize the energy of invocation) with understanding of its meaning and to recite it 19 times in every sitting to seek deliverance from the affliction that one is in, and to invoke tranquility of heart. Its recommended to memorize the original verses in arabic so that the Words are impressed upon the heart and infuse us with its inherent Nur (light).

By the Permission of God the Most High, Who is above every association, the one who invokes with this verse, his or her trouble Will Be removed by God and peace Be restored. Amen.

Content of the Invocation:

The verse has three part of it that contain the gnosis and deeper wisdom of reality. First to understand that nothing comes without the Permission of The One Who is behind all reality, the Reality Itself as Sufis call the Divine, el-Haqq (The Absolute Reality, Truth). Everything comes from the Single Reality, whether it is our birthing into human existence in the wondrous womb of our mother, where spirit mingles with flesh or whether our trifling human condition of sorrow, toil, pain, joy and bliss. As Rumi puts it so eloquently when he compares this human existence as guest house where every human conditions are sent from beyond by the One.

The sacred recognition that no affliction befalls us (or joy that touches us, overwhelms us) except by the Permission of Allah is the first step towards a clear mind, a pure white mind to transcend suffering. Afflictions are afflictions only because of our lack of trust in this knowledge and our utter ignorance about the certainty that nothing happens except by the permission of One (the word permission also can be understood as the construction or matrix of reality). Even the pain caused by the beloved may taste sweet if the lover knows from who it comes. It Is about that love.

In bangla we have a popular song that goes,

bedona modhur hoye jae
tumi jodi dao.
mukher kotha hoe je gaan
tumi jodi gao.

bitter pain turns to sweet
if only its you who give,
words turn to songs
if only its you who speak.

Second part is an affirmation that the real guidance comes from divine source through the portal of our inner heart. The Quran calls to humanity to affirm this truth that O human being, you are not left alone, The One who sent you into this world of appearances (that often confuse you and delude you) also guides the inner heart that reach conviction, that which have faith and trust as an infant child trusts her mother. At this point it may remind us of Rumi's statement, Whoever brought me here, will have to take me Home - that is voice of conviction to true reality.

The third part of this verse from Holy Quran seals it by offering us the truth that the Real One knows our human condition far better than what we believe we know. As sacred tradition goes, God knows your need better than 'you think' you know. So the seal of the verse, Wa Allahu bikulli shay-in AAaleem, that carries the Holy Name of God, al-Aleem (also written as al-Alim, The Absolute Knower, its numerical placement is 19) is the essence that carry the secret of absolute conviction and surrender to the One. And surrender is followed by trust on the All Knowing One Who's Knowledge Encompasses everything. That is the point of omega, the final point of surrender of all our troubles, whatever human condition we are in, be it hope, fear, worries, joy and bliss, we surrender to the All Knower (The Ultimate Bodhi, All Conscious One) so we may rise from our present state to an even higher one transcending our bond with (human) condition and be embraced in iman (true conviction) upon the Real, from the Real, by the Real, with the Real.

And God knows the Best.

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