Tuesday, December 29, 2009

advice of the prophet for sincere seekers

"The widest door to the Intimate Divine Presence, Paradise - is humility. But this is also the lowest door - so those who enter must enter with their head bowed down, with their self lowered in utter humility." - Islamic Sacred Tradition

In the Name of Allah,
the Creator, the Fashioner
and the Opener of Hearts

May Allah open our hearts to be kind and compassionate to all without reserve, all whom we meet in the path, reflecting the quality of Allah, The Compassionate and The Merciful, may Allah bless us with the capacity to love His Messenger, a love worthy of his highest mystic station, and to be counted among true ashik e Rasool (lover of the Messenger) in this world and the next and may our following of timeless guidance be our proof and protection for this priceless love.

Allah's Messenger, upon him be peace, has said, “Allah has revealed to me that you should be courteous to one another. One should neither hold himself above another nor transgress against another.” (Muslim)

"Let your own faults prevent you from criticizing others and do not try to find fault with others, because you commit those faults yourself. It is enough to prove you guilty that you should find in others such faults as you yourself posses, though you may not be aware of them, and that you should find in others such misdeeds as you yourself commit".

"O you who declare your submission to Divine Will (Islam) with your tongues but whose hearts have not been reached by faith, do not annoy the Muslims nor seek out their faults, for he who seeks out the faults of his brother have his faults sought out by Allah, and when Allah seeks out someone's faults, He exposes them, even though he should be in the interior of his house." (Bukhari, Muslim )

“A man does not call another as fasiq (corrupt) or kafir (disbeliever), except that he will be a disbeliever if the other is actually not.” (Bukhari)

“A person continues to display haughtiness and arrogance till he is recorded among the arrogant and will be therefore afflicted with what afflicts them.” (Tirmidhi)

"There is no wisdom better than prudence, nor any piety better than refraining from the unlawful, nor any nobility better than polite manners"

“The dearest and nearest among you to me on the Day of Resurrection will be one who is the best of you in conduct; and the most abhorrent among you to me and the farthest of you from will be the pompous boastful braggarts, and Al-Mutafaihiqun.” The Companions asked him: “O Allah’s Messenger! We know about the pompous boastful braggarts, but we do not know who Al-Mutafaihiqun are.” He replied: “The arrogant people.” (Tirmidhi)

“It is from the excellence of Islam that the believer should abandon that which is of no benefit to him or her (in this world and the Hereafter).” (Tirmidhi)

Madad Ya Allah, Ya Muqallibal Quloob!

Help us O God, O Turner of Hearts!

Turn our Hearts away from arrogance to humility,
away from being boastful to be polite,
and count us among your sincere servants. Ya Allah, Ya Mawla!

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