Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unless God utters Himself

Ma qadaru-Llah Haqqa Qadrih; inna-Llaha la Qowiyyun Aziz

They have not estimated ALLAH with His true estimate; Surely ALLAH is Tremendous, Powerful.
- Quran, Chapter of Pilgrimage, 22:74

"We have not known Thee as Thou shouldest be known.'"
- Prophet Muhammad

"Unless God utters Himself in you, and speaks His own Name in the center of your soul, you will no more know Him than a stone knows the ground upon which it rests in its inertia."
- Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation

"Because God is Invincibly Great, He can afford to be weak; because He is Immutably Pure, He can indulge with impunity in sin; He knows eternally all delight, therefore He tastes also the delight of pain; He is Inalienably Wise, therefore He has not debarred Himself from folly."
- Sri Aurobindo

'Allaahumma innee a’oodhubi ridaaka min sakhatika, wa bi mu’aafaatika min ‘aqoobatika, wa a’oodhu bika minka. La uhsee thanaa’an ‘alayka, anta kamaa athnayta ‘ala nafsik.'

O ALLAH, I seek refuge in Your good pleasure from Your wrath, and in Your protection from Your punishment. I seek refuge with You from You. I cannot praise You enough, and You are as You have praised Yourself.
- Prayer of the Last Messenger, upon him be peace

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