Saturday, October 10, 2009


True speech is the fruit of not speaking.
Too much talking clouds the heart.

If you want to clear the heart,
say this much, the essence of all talking:
Speak truly. God speaks through words truly spoken.

Falsity ends in pain.

Unless you witness all of creation in a single glance,
you're in sin even with all your religion.

The explanation of the Law is this:
The Law is a ship. Truth is her ocean.
No matter how strong the wood,
the sea can smash the ship.

The secret is this:
A 'doctor' of religion may in reality be an unbeliever.

We will master this science and read this book of Love.
God instructs. Love is His school.

Since the glance of the saintly masters fell on poor Yunus
nothing has been a misfortune.

~ Yunus Emre (1240 - 1320) ~

English version by
Kabir Helminski & Refik Algan (with minor edits)

The Secret of Silence

Deep silence has a purity of its own. I touch the quiet like a friend and feel the lightness of my being rising beyond the concerns and sadness of the mind. I gaze beyond the face of my own human limitations and rise into the enfolding arms of divine grace.

In all the many wonders of the world, there is none so beautiful as the Face I cannot see with human eyes. The Unseen Lover comes wearing the cloak of night illumined only by the moon and dancing stars and discreetly disappears with the light of the rising sun.

The Beloved gathers the sweetness of all longing from the flowering blossoms of a secret garden surrounding and engulfing me with love beyond all other beauty. Silence sweeps me into invisible arms in a dissolving embrace and a deep kiss of the Soul that only the Beloved can give.

Love is the golden key that opens every door of all that would keep us hostage to anything less than love. Only the heart knows the Nameless Lover behind the sacred veils of silence. Entrust your Beloved to the intimate whispering within the blessed sanctuary of your soul, the unknown place the world cannot reach, for in the silence no one can teach - there dwells the Ultimate Grace and Beauty of Love. - Naomi

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