Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Silence of the Eternal Night

In the silence of this eternal night,
My heart stirs, my lips arch a sigh,
This silence has a timeless quality,
As if it knows, what remains unknown.

The harp plays, the crickets sing,
The Ocean roars, the lightening thunders,
Yet, I am parched,
As I gaze across the inky Ocean.

O Moon! Where are thou..
Lend my heart a sliver of your light.
My loneliness is my companion,
Accompanied by the melody of my pain.

Love... you have pierced my heart,
You came as I lay asleep,
You took away the solace of ignorance,
You killed me, yet called that awakening?

My eyes look across the sky,
In the wait for the beloved,
A tear trickles away into oblivion,
In the silence of this eternal night.

~ Sanjeev Bhalla ~

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