Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quran E-Course in Ramadan

Quran in Hand via Flickr
Beginning in Ramadan, the month of the beginning of the revelation of Quran, Shaikh Kabir Helminski is collaborating with Jeremey Henzell-Thomas of the Book Foundation on an eCourse that introduces thirty selections from the Quran through a series of daily emails over the month of Ramadan, beginning August 21st.

This is a great way to deepen your understanding of the Quran and to engage in a community exchange. Friends at Spirituality and are making this available.

About: The Essence of the Qur'an | An Introduction for Non-Muslims and Muslims Alike | Led by Shaikh Kabir Helminski, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas, Mahmoud Mustafa, Mary Ann Brussat

Spirituality & Practice is pleased to announce the first in a series of online retreats on the sacred texts of the world's religions. The first one will focus on the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam, and will be led by two Islamic scholars who have dedicated themselves to bringing the wisdom of this sacred text to the wider world.

Shaikh Kabir Helminski and Jeremy Henzell-Thomas will offer 30 meditations from the Qur’an revealing the universal spiritual principles at its heart. The purpose of this Online Retreat is to highlight universal spiritual principles that can guide and strengthen our hearts - whatever path we follow.

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