Thursday, June 18, 2009

All is Gift of Love | Naomi

All is Gift

Each day as the sun rises over the green earth, nearly perfect in the creation of a day, I open my heart and dwell in the holy silence of an eternal moment of pure presence of pure love when all is new, and I am taken up in an embrace of love, enraptured in the gaze of eyes that see through me from a heart and soul that are gracious enough to share this miracle with me.

As poor as I am, I have nothing to give except to surrender to the visions that appear before me in valleys of dancing color and light. I long to share the joy of it all, but nothing is mine to give or guide in the divine will that exists beyond my own, for we are particles that move and dance in this beauty, like tiny sparking flames in the fire of dawn.

All that I am, I have made known to you, beyond that, we are poured out like wine by divine hands beyond our own. We are the gift, offered as the bread of life, the wine of the heart, and the feast of the spirit. We are the fruits of heaven. We are not the givers, but that which is given to each other, particles of a creator, the perfect host, that is broken and offered as our very life..even our breath is not our own, but the divine breath that moves through us. The crumbs on the table of the earth are divine crumbs that embody the radiance of the divine.

I have seen rainbows in the pools of water that gather after the rain, and I have seen the glow of light hidden in the night. I can only witness to what these eyes allow me to see. I have nothing to give that is my own, for all that I am, all that I have, all that I see is given to me... the same as it is given to you.

Life is the crowning glory, a chain of the blossoming beauty of sacred moments gathered like wildflowers from the divine meadows.

Love is So Very Near to You, My Dear

Love has come to invite you, to incite and excite you, to draw those curtains aside that you hide behind when you close the blind and confess your loneliness. When you think no one hears your muffled cries and tears, love listens and glistens and quiets your fears.

Love is so very near to you, my dear.

Love longs to chase away your sadness, replace it with gladness, erase the shadows from the night and embrace your heart with light. Love wants to say this is a day for you to come away and play, for love would truly rejoice at the sound of your voice! Make a decision to grant me the vision of your grace-filled face in this somber place!

Love is so very near to you, my dear.

Love implores you to open the door to explore and to feel more than you ever have before, to fill your eyes with surprise and share the bliss of a kiss, to dance and take a chance, for Love wants to serenade you and promenade you around the town in a golden gown and a glowing crown of joy!

Love is so very near to you, my dear.

- Guest post by Naomi, via New Mother, New Earth Night Songs
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