Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a sufi story on association

A Sufi Shiekh went for a walk with his students. They came upon a construction site where they were tearing up the streets. A sewage pipe had burst, and all manner of unspeakable filth was piled in the street.

The students reeled back, gaging and retching. But the Sheikh stood and looked intently upon the disgusting mess.

The students were amazed, and ashed their Sheikh why he was standing there. He said "I was listening to what this pile of s**t was saying.

It says: "We used to be fine plants and animals of great beauty. We were transformed by a marvelous alchemy into culinary masterpieces that commanded great respect and the highest prices on the market.

But we associated with human beings for a single hour; and look what we were reduced to!"

Be careful who you associate with.

Let not the believers (mu'minun) take those who cover up (the Truth) as protectors rather than those who believe - and whoever does that has nothing to do with God in any thing - unless you fear from them something that is to be feared. And God cautions you (against) Himself. And to God is the ultimate destination (Wa 'ila-Llahi-l Masir).
- The Quran 3:28
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