Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remember Within and Over Your Breath | Meditative Quranic Verses

Waothkur rabbaka fee nafsika tadarruAAan wakheefatan wadoona aljahri mina alqawli bialghuduwwi waal-asali wala takun mina alghafileena.

Inna allatheena AAinda rabbika la yastakbiroona AAan AAibadatihi wayusabbihoonahu walahu yasjudoona. - Surah al-A'raf

And do you, O reader! remember your Lord within your (very) soul, with humility and with awe, upon your breath, in the awakening of morning and evening; and be not you of those who are unmindful.

Those who are near to your Lord are not proud to adore Him: They praise Him and prostrate in loving humility before Him.

- The Quran, The Chapter of Heights, verses 205-206

. art credit and artist: Alex Gray
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