Saturday, March 21, 2009

We are a door that’s never locked

The friends of God are door that is never locked. Those who come in touch with them with a pure heart, with a child like innocent intention, glimpse through that door and if they are blessed enough they are led to walk through that door.

Beyond this door are two chambers.

First chamber is absolutely dark, darkest than the darkness inside the most grand blackholes of the cosmos. This chamber is the chamber of Deus Absconditus (God Hidden, Allahu Batin), the station where nothing else remains, the Realm of la-ilaha. This chamber has such an intense darkness that those who have veil in their spiritual eyes can not see anything. Even the darkness envelope the existence of the door in such way that those who are spiritually blind can not even recognize such persons, thus misses the opportunity to walk through the door. And such keeper of door, such men of God have always lived among us, in every town, every land, in every age.

About the spiritually blind ones who fail to recognize such door, God says directly to Prophet Muhammad and hence to all of humanity: "Nor can you lead away the (spiritually) blind out of their error." - The Quran 30:53

The whole system of transmission of eastern spirituality can be summarized in the title of the great spiritual scripture, "Upanishad" which etymologically means "to sit near" - meaning these wisdom were given to those who sat near the God realized ones, the sages of ancient time. In sufi path much emphasize is given to seek and sit with such person who are doorway to God. This emphasis can be found in every single faith tradition, but many tradition has made it into such harsh institutionalized form (such as pope in vatican) that it has lost its real purpose.

Beyond the first chamber of absolute darkness is the chamber of absolute light. This is the chamber of "Deus Revelatus" (God Revealed, Allahu Zahir) or the Realm of "illa-Allah" (nothing but God). This is the chamber which is characterized by Light upon Light, Nurun ala Nur (Quran 24:35).

The saints, friends of God are door that's never locked. May we feel the attraction, find such door and may we all able to glimpse and walk through such doors. a m e n

Where Jesus lives,
the great-hearted ones gather.
We are a door
that’s never locked.

If you are suffering
any kind of pain,
stay near this door. Open it.

- inscription at the door of a church in Shiraz, Iran. the verses are attributed to Mevlana Rumi

Bismi'Llah Babuna

"In God's Name" is our Door.

- traditional supplication of Shadhili sufis

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