Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Configuration of Cosmic Romance

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God says: "I was a Hidden Treasure
and I Longed to be Known, Longed to be Loved,
so I Manifested the Entire Creation."
............................................ - Sacred tradition of Islam

the wake that originated in the Unknowable Womb
where the cosmic galaxies dreamt to 'be',
where the illusion of time was born,
and where all souls of children of Primordial Adam
was honored with divine breath,
amidst it all, there took place
a sublime Configuration of Cosmic Romance.

in That, just as shadows trace the sun,
just as night follows day,
so followed - one after the other:
Word, Reason, Love,
and Sublimation

from The Word came Reason of Real,
from Reason of Real came Love of Real,
from That Love came Separation,
and from Separation
we move into Sublimation,
and again we are made to lose our reason
only to be awakened with the Real Reason.

since that moment
all earthly lovers when they fall in love,
they lose their temporal reason,
and the most sublime state of love
is always found in separation.

in the way of separation,
.......... for Beloved's Majestic Veil -
.................... thats the secret reason.

Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?
'My God! My God! why have You veiled YourSelf?'
.... - in separation
...... gushes forth the shout from every lovers' moan.

- (c) MysticSaint
March 18, 2009

Inspired by graphics & text at The Tailor's post. Read as an exegesis of this poem:
Christ, Adam and the Logos

:: Dedication: for The Trailor, fellow traveler on the path of Remembrance, may He be pleased with you

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