Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Na Man Behooda Girde | Qawwali from Mevlana Rumi's poetry

No! I am not roaming aimlessly
around your streets and bazaar,
rather searching for his Beloved
................... forever,
I am that kind of a lover.

drunk with the wine of longing
around the Beloved is my strolling.

God have mercy on me!
troubled, here I am roaming.

I've done wrong and sinned,
wounded now am I walking.

Though your eyes see me drunk,
glance with your heart
and you'll find me perfectly sober.

- Sadiq Alam, a new translation and poetic rendition of famous Qawwali, 'Na Man Behooda Girde' based on the translation of Farah Aziz, UK

the original Persian lyric in transliteration follows:

Na man behooda girde kocha wa bazaar megardam
Mazaj-e-ashiqee daram paye dildar megardam.

Khudaya rahm kon bar man
Pareeshan waar megardam.

Khata karam gonahgaram
Ba hale zaar megardam

Sharabe showq menosham
Ba girde yaar megardam

Sukhan mastana megoyam
Walay hooshyaar megardam.

This particular poem of Rumi is very much loved in Indian sub-continent in popular sufi Qawwali format specially credit to celebrated qawwali singers like late Nusrat Fateh Ali and others.

Qawwali use a lot of improvisation including occasional new lines and Farid Ayaz's rendition has couple of lines which I love much and their translation goes like this:

Why you call him mad?
I call him love intoxicated!

Enter this circle of lovers
and taste what madness is!

Some youtube clips of this Qawwali:
. by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, part 1, part 2, another
. by Farid Ayaz and Brothers
. Tasawwuf's video has some excellent Sufi Qawwalis
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