Sunday, December 14, 2008

let all selfish lovers die today

Sadiq Alam Poetry Art
let all selfish lovers die today.

amidst this dense world
of hungry ghosts,
these passing clouds
and stranger crowds -
who needs them, anyway?

let all selfish lovers die today.

selfish lovers aren't really lovers,
in reality
they're pretenders,
(may God save you from).

when did a lover
reached the lofty station of love
without sacrificing
the selfish self?

Waal AAasri. Inna al-insana lafee khusrin. ^
I swear by the Time's token,
What a state of loss Man is in!

ask help o lost one, ask help.
this day take refuge
in True Lover: Al-Wadud *
The goal of Love, Lover
and Beloved.

- Sadiq Salim
Charlottesville, VA

Dec 8, 2008

^ Sacred verses from the Holy Quran, 103:1-2

* Al-Wadud is one of the 99 revealed Archetypal Divine Name in Islamic Wisdom tradition. Most arabic words have 3 letters root and the root of Wadud is W-D-D which has the following classical Arabic connotations:
- to love
- to be affectionate
- to long for, to desire, to wish for.

Al-Wadud means: The One who is the Source of all love and loving-kindness. The One Love. The One Who is Most Affectionate. The Beloved. The One Who is deserving of all love and affection. The One Who is the Goal of the Highest Love.

Wa Huwa al-Ghafooru al-Wadud.

And Divine is The Oft-Forgiving, The Loving.
- The Quran 86:15

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art: Sadiq Salim, digital media
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