Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mystic Poetry of Mansur al-Hallaj | Translated by Bernard Lewis

1. 'I am the One whom I love'

I am the One whom I love,
and the One whom I love is myself.
We are two souls incarnated in one body;
if you see me, you see Him,
if you see Him, you see us.

2. 'Your spirit is mingled with mine'

Your spirit is mingled with mine
as wine is mixed with water;
whatever touches you touches me.
In all the stations of the soul you are I.

3. 'Kill me, my faithful friends'

Kill me, my faithful friends,
For in my being killed is my life.

Love is that you remain standing
In front of your Beloved
When you are stripped of all your attributes;
Then His attributes become your qualities.

Between me and You, there is only me.
Take away the me, so only You remain.

4. 'You glide between the heart and its casing '

You glide between the heart
and its casing as tears glide from the eyelid.

You dwell in my inwardness,
in the depths of my heart,
as souls dwell in bodies.

Nothing passes from rest to motion
unless you move it in hidden ways,
O new moon!

texts credit: Music of a Distant Drum: Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish & Hebrew Poems, translated by Bernard Lewis. painting above by artist and dervish Zed.

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