Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sophianic Love and Blessing

. Sophia 2 .

Love fell on me
like snow from high sky

I stood there
waiting for

I looked into the eyes
of the man
who held Love
my Love
in his hand

Abyss called to Abyss
depth touched
the deepest core
of my sorrow

my Bread and Body

eyes closed -
"Noli me tangere"
said Jesus to Magdalene

I know -
this Love will shield me

I count my blessings

bless his Holy Name

. Sophia 4 .

and now bless
and now
the whole, the all,
cosmos, chaos,
gleaming, living waters,
exploding spheres,
black skies filled with fire

and now bless -
blessed be the Holy,
the One beyond being,
above, below, after, breathing

now bless -
mine, ours, yours, love,
pearl strings of peace,
joy, heartbeat of stillness,
jewels of transfigured touch,
petals unfurling
into wings of glory

now blessed

. by Maja Trochimczyk .
from Miriam's Iris or Angels in the Garden
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