Friday, September 12, 2008

Letter to God | sufi story of a sincere dervish

There was a poor sufi dervish in Istanbul who had no money and couldn't find work. One day he tells his friends, "I am going to write Allah a letter and ask him for money."

His friends say, "How can you write Allah a letter? What address are you going to send it to? How will the money get to you? Will it fall out of the sky?"

Now this dervish was very pure in heart, sincere and of spotless faith who lived in the beauty (Jamal) of Allah. He told his friends, "I know Allah's address."

Then he wrote the letter:
"Dear Allah,
I can't find any work and my family is starving, so send me fifty lire."
The dervish puts the letter in an envelope and takes it to the post office.

After the mails are sorted, one of the mail handlers sees the letter. Its addressed:
Dear Allah,
City of La Mekan Sehir (The Non-Existent City).

The mail handler is afraid to open it, so he takes it to the postmaster. The postmaster reads it and cries. Something happens to his heart. Compassion of the man reading becomes inflamed.

So he takes the letter and put fifty lire in it and puts this to man's address on the envelope. On the back he writes: 'Sent by Allah.' and he sends it.

The poor dervish gets the envelope and he's very happy. He shows his friends the money. "You see", he says, "I know Allah's address."

This is how Allah works through the creation!

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