Monday, September 29, 2008

I am from Those and The Gift

Qalander by Zed

I am from those, who write "Insight"
Now I'm blind, I have lost my sight
But to find where my beloved lies
I, my friends, need no eyes

I am from those, who choose to yearn
Don't bring water, I chose to burn
Beyond this pain is eternal pleasure
Beyond your ego, is the hidden treasure

I am from those, who choose the rift
harder the struggle, precious the gift
The Devil planned, and all was odd
Are thee drained, when prize is God?

I am from those, who are beyond the WHY
"What is this life, and who am I"
For how can you question your own fate
then blame time, when its never too late!

I am from those, who complain not
Nor do I say, what could have been
When the only thing that concerns a lot
Is what has been, and what I've seen!

I am from those, for whom houris don't matter
I live in a world, where dreams don't shatter
Because with every dream, hope is gifted
Hope gives me wings, and I feel lifted!

I am from those, who get stirred
when music is played, and melody's heard
And tears like a river, begin to flow
Do not presume they spring from woe!

I am from those, who peep behind
The agony of life, The veil, The signs
What mind couldn't grasp, now heart unwinds
What seemed like points, now draw a line!

I am from those, who are meant to whine
Like a lover for his beloved is meant to pine
Like a drunkard never gets enough of wine
And this "never enough", is called divine!

I am from those, who crave to die
Life is a blessing, But I would not lie
They say a flower is plucked in prime
Uproot my existence, O' Beloved, IT IS TIME!

- Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi


My friend inquires, what is love?
What is flight, ask the dove?
Oh Birds can’t speak, forget this stunt
Just ask the hunter, what is hunt?
Ask me, a poet, what is rhyme?
Ask a clock, if you can, what is time?
Ask dew on grass, why it shines?
Or ask a toy less kid, why he whines?

And those who say, love is a crime
Tell them to pluck a flower in prime!

Ask then ask my Lord,
why this cosmos was made
And I swear to God, Love will unveil.

Many kingdoms vanished
Many treasures doomed
But the world cherished
Homers words, not his tomb
So, my gift for you, won’t with time
Vanish or fade, these words are MINE!

- Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi

Art: Qalander by Zed
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