Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You have the same Seed | Osho

What happens when a seed
becomes a tree?

The seed has to die,
only then does it
become a tree.

... Don't cling to the seed,
because the seed is a bridge.

Help it to die, dissolve,
so that the inner life
and the seed becomes a great tree.

I don't want you
to become Christians
- that is useless,
that's a lie.

I would like you
to become Christs.

And you can become,
because you have the same seed.

- Osho, The Mustard Seed

The disciples said to Jesus:
Tell us what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.

He said to them: It is like a mustard seed -
smaller than all seeds,
but when it falls on the tilled earth
it produces a large tree
and becomes a shelter for all the birds of heaven.

- Gospel of Apostle Thomas

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