Monday, November 03, 2008

There is Zen, Here is Sufi

The body is like a bodhi tree
And the mind a bright mirror.
Carefully polish it clean ever day,
And let no dust alight.

- Shenxiu (605-706),
The zen student of fifth patriarch Hongren (601-674)
from 'Zen' by Christmas Humphreys.

Whether your destiny is glory or disgrace,
Purify yourself of hatred and love of self.
Polish your mirror; and that sublime Beauty
From the regions of mystery
Will flame out in your heart
As it did for the saints and prophets.
Then, with your heart on fire with that Splendor,
The secret of the Beloved will no longer be hidden.

- Jami (1414 - 1492),
'Perfume of the Desert' by Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut

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