Friday, August 29, 2008

All things are originally from His Hand

I spoke once with Rumi who was feasting with friends in the shade of a rose bower. I was permitted to approach him and for a moment allowed to speak.

I said, "I am a mimic of you. I am a pale copy and counterfeit, though I never intended to steal stories from your mouth."

Rumi laughed and was in good spirits. He said, "Those stories are no more my property than the clothes of my youth or the tables at which I ate. We kept company together awhile. When I died, God scattered those words like diamonds over the earth.

Pick them up and set them in brilliant settings and you will have eulogize me and my teachers and will have given three fine gifts to the Lord of Glory, though no gift can ever befit Him."

He said, "Remember the words I borrowed from my friend Attar; and those words he and I both borrowed from Sanai. Those stories that belonged to us we also borrowed. All things are originally from His Hand.

If you give more than you have taken, God will forgive you."

- The End of Reason, Da'ud al-Shawni
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+ about persian mystic and poets Attar and Sanai.

.: image credit: Portrait of Rumi, Zed
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