Monday, July 07, 2008

This Mindful Death | Waliya Inayat Perkins

The surrounding mist
washes the light
illuminating the tree
that just last night
framed the Moon in silhouette.

It is Love
that gives me every blessing
I choose to be.
Every living valley mountain
sky mossy rock and raven’s call
embodies the Love behind creation,
and holds me
as I become the Remembrance I sing.

Before me steps my fear, disguised as a silent fox
- I do not even know if it is real
before it becomes the illusive shadow
to which I hold on.

Circling around the hidden temple,
I enter when called.
Before me rise the fear and sorrow
I had only wished were gone.
Opening myself
to Earth’s great love,
she transmutes this mindful death
since wishes have no power here.

To understand, I had to witness this gift of Love
to know that which dies
is not me.

- Waliya Inayat Perkins

image credit: Sufi Coffins
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