Sunday, July 06, 2008

song of dervish

we've lost our reasons
in a mysterious love affair.

exchanged this useless head
in bargain of a rose-fragranced heart.

losing track of our state
for true Lover's sake,
we've given up this world
and the next,
only for His Face.

how can we run blind after reasons
while we're in this Grand Presence!

so much love is planted here
beyond earthly explanations,
like a bride we feel ashamed
of complaining any otherly troubles.

now that we've reached Love,
the station above all stations,
our head is bowed before the Mystery
forever in silence and adorations.

(c) Sadiq Alam
North Boulder, Colorado

'... and God joined your hearts in love.'
- The Quran 3:103

'... He shall love them and they shall love Him.'
- The Quran 5:54

'That to thy Lord is the final station'
- The Quran 53:42

'If any one asks you whether you love God, keep silent; for if you say, 'I do not love Him', you are a non-believer; and if you say, 'I do', your deeds may contradict your claim.'
- Al-Fudhayl Ibn 'Iyaadh

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