Saturday, July 26, 2008

Allah Hu, Allah Hu | Translation of Sufi Qawwali

Photo: Performance of selection from Classic Sufi Qawwali: 'Allah Hu, Allah Hu' presented by American Nur Ashki Jerrahi Dervishes at Naropa Auditorium on the occassion of Shaykha Fariha's visit to Boulder, Colorado

{ Allah Hu, Allah Hu - Only Essence IS }

Ye Zamin Zab Na Thi
Ye Jahan Jab Na Tha

When this earth was non-existence,
When this world was non-existence

Chand Suraj Na The
Asman Jab Na Tha

When neither Moon nor Sun were in existence,
When Sky also was non-existence

Raz e Haqq bhi Kisi Par Ayan Na Tha
Jab Na Tha Kuch Yaha, Tha Magar Tu hi Tu.

Secrets of Truth were not known to anyone,
Then there was nothing here, was Only You, Only You!

Pahunche Miraj me, Arsh Tak Mustafa
Jab Na Mabud O Bande me Parda Na Raha.

In the Night Ascension Mustafa* arrives the Intimate Divine Presence
When there was no veil between the Master and Servant.

Tab Malaik Ne, Hazrat Se Chup Kar Kaha
Sari Makhluq me, Haq Numa Tu hi Tu.

Then angles said secretly to Prophet,
Cosmic totality holds this truth alone: Only You, Only You!

Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu

Divine Essence, Divine Essence, Divine Essence.

* Mustafa is a name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Allah Hu, Allah hu is one of the most famous Qawwali, a popular folk sufi genre of music, common in India, Pakistan region. Legendary sufi singer, Late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan made it even more popular with his ethereal voice. He is also known as King of Qawwali.

Listen to [>] Nusrat Fateh Ali performing the Qawwali Allah Hu with Ustad Sultan Khan (lengthy version, 30 min, with improvisation) via Imeem Audio

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